“NPP offers my chairman D2M and a brand new car to switch his allegiance”- Says GDC Candidate

Mamos Media

By Muhammed L Bojang

All eyes are shifted to the Niamina West Constituency as the seat became vacant after the demise of their National Assembly Member Demba Sowe, the Constituency now heads into a by-election to elect a new representative.

The heat of the campaign trail began yesterday, at Niamina West with President Barrow’s NPP white horse swinging over GDC to make a stamp in the politics of the Gambia. This reporter has a telephone interview with Yerro Jallow, the GDC candidate.

“Niamina West has only two parties UDP and GDC with the support of these parties, I shall be victorious because they are the two main opposition parties that have large support,” Yerro Jallow stated.

The GDC candidate claimed the opposing party NPP is only there to try chance but they have no support in Niamina even though they are bringing lot of cash and vehicles driving around places with a small crowd.

When asked about the alleged attempt of NPP to tempt UDP Niamina Chairman with a whopping Million Dalasi and a pickup, Yerro Jallow said he was not aware of the report but he didn’t deny it as his chairman was offered two million dalasis and a brand new pick up shortly before his nomination to switch allegiance to NPP.

“I wouldn’t deny the report but if people say it, then believe me, it’s true as they have already confronted by GDC Chairman Birom Jallow and offered him two million dalasis and a brand new pickup car to switch allegiance to NPP and he told them his loyalty is not for sale at any given price or amount and he is not here to be fool by anyone,” Yerro remarks.

He argued that NPP has no plan or vision but they are only going around offering prominent people money to switch allegiance and luckily the people of Niamina are well informed and cannot be bought.

“They are meeting individuals from house to house offering them empty promises, this government is a copy and paste as we can see clearly they are copying the former regime and that wouldn’t work as people are well aware and informed, so they can’t be a fool twice, never,” he said.

Asked if he feels threatened with the trend and strategies of NPP mode of operations in politics, Yerro Jallow said he did not feel threatened for the fact that people are well aware and informed.

“They are offering women groups and individuals money telling them that they want to offer them loans of D5,000 that if President Barrow wins the 2021 presidential elections they wouldn’t pay but if he lose they will pay back the money. So, these are some of the tactics that they are using to influence the voters as they have no programme and plan for this country,” the GDC Niamina West Candidate asserted.

Meanwhile, he claimed to have a cordial relationship with Birom Sowe, the NPP candidate who is a relative and also school mate. 

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