Nustrat Senior Secondary Denies Mass Exodus Of Teachers

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Mr. Issa Conteh, a Senior Teacher and Head of Science Department at Nusrat Senior Secondary School (NSSS) has denied claims on the social media networks that there is a mass exodus of teachers at the school.

He has made these statements over the weekend, during a press briefing held at the school campus.

“We know it is a fact that teachers do leave from one institutions to the other. Some for personal reasons while to others is to improve on their attainments. Since COVID-19 was announced in The Gambia, the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) has ordered that all schools be close since then the school has been closed,” said Mr. Issa Conteh, the Head of Science Department.

According to him, some teachers have made efforts to reach out to their students to advise them to study and students have also been calling on him for advise.

“A large part of the syllabus has not been covered and because of this it is beginning to appear as if teachers have not been teaching effectively and that was why some of them are leaving the school,” he remarked.

Mr Conteh who refuted the claims on the social media said he was not defending anyone but the problem at hand is a worldwide problem.

“It is important to note that if such problems are happening in other institutions, it is bound to happen here (in Nusrat). Why is it single out as if it is so special? Why do they undermine the efforts of teachers who are presently around,” he said.

The Head Girl of Nusrat Senior Secondary School, Amie Sohna said the school is one of the institutions run in various African countries by the worldwide Ahmadiyya Movement. She explained that Hazarat Mirza Nisri Ahmed, Khalifatul Masih-III (third successor to the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam) laid the foundation on 4th May 1970.

Sohna alleged that there are some ex-students of the school who are planning for a protest just to dent the name and the image of the school.

“These Ex-students have no say or hand in the schools administrative matters. To them we say we are not move neither threatened by their planned protest. We would make sure we inform all the relevant authorities about their planned protest and certainly they will do something about it,” she concludes.

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