On Jammeh’s INSULT and Hate Speech

Mamos Media

By Ibra Ceesay

And then you know Jammeh lies a lot cuz he lies about God Himself when he pretends to mention verses from verses of the holy Quran and pretends to be educated Islamically, but unfortunately he could not differentiate between chapter and chapter 49.

He called the majority tribe of the country he ruled with an iron fist for 22 years as people of hell fire and most tribalist people in Africa, but records saying that he is but a failed and bigot and lunatic leader!

Mr Yaya Jammeh,
You insulted Mandinkas and your throne was broken and now you insulting them, it ll be the reason you many not be blessed to buried in the blessed soil of the Kambia.

And to all the tribal bigots preaching hate against Mandinkaya, the might and the history of people of Manding enjoying today, it’s the sweat of the their ancestors they are harvesting today, you have problem with that; go change history.

When our ancestors were just a small community at edges of Ghana empire and eventually became the conquers and built the largest and the greatest nation of the region they were still having the same blood. We have given the world the richest black man of human history known as Mansa Musa, we reached the Americas four centuries before Europeans for four centuries in the leadership of Mansa Abubakr, we made sure our archeological remains proved our claims.

When Africa was in need of discoveries, we gave Africa and the world one of greatest learning centres of human history, university of Timbuktu! We were studying astronomy , geography, history, theology and so on, when Europe was going through dark ages and Arabia was in civil wars post prophetic years, we were sending thousands of ships to sail beyond Atlantic ocean, if you question my history, Yaya Jammeh; that’s my history!

When Africa was attacked by the European Criminals and her honour was violated, children were captured, enslaved and dehumanised; our ancestors fought to liberate mother continent especially French West Africa, who can forget #Kunta_Kinteh?
Who can forget Modibo Keita of Mali?
Seikou Touray of Guinea? and Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara of The Gambia? These are my ancestors Mr. Jammeh if you still have a question to ask?

In conclusion, there is no way a man can be better than others just because you belong to a specific ethnicity, tribe or faith, however, everyone must be defended when they are wrongfully abused.

God punish wicked souls.
God bless Gambia
God bless Africa.

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