On the Misappropriation and Personalisation of our National Resources: Letter to my President

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I salute you, Sir, with utmost respect and pray for you as we celebrate the feast of Eid al Fitr.

It has been a few months since I last penned you a missive regarding the series themed “On the Realities of our Current Situation: Letter to my President” . I actually had a premonition that perhaps your marabouts have been able to cage my pen for a while. 

So coming from the Holy month of Ramadan during which period the devils are all caged, I believe that the spell has been broken and therefore it is time for me to restart this dialogue with your esteemed office. Here is my ‘Salibo’ for you, Your Excellency:

Mr. President, the pilfering of national financial resources continues unabated under your watch as high profile officials like your current finance Minister remain silent about serious allegations levelled against them by auditors and investigative journalists. The fisheries bribery saga remains unmitigated and the multi million dollar cocaine seizure also remains a mystery to date.

The D35 million question connected with your First Ladys Foundation remains unanswered; just like the NAWEC deal awarded to the Chinese company that allegedly transferred this D35 million into your first lady’s account remains questionable. 

The more than 1 billion Dalasis allocated to the Health Ministry after “butchering the national budget” as lamented by PDOIS’s Honourable Sidia Jatta still remains unaccounted for, as your Health Minister blatantly refused to release information on how this money was spent when journalists requested that information. 

Your Health Ministers allowances attached to his salary is a skyrocketing one hundred thousand Dalasis while our nurses and midwives cry for the lack of gloves to attend to their patients. The nurses who complain that your health minister’s allowance for his house maid is higher than their salaries are threatening us with a sit down strike.

As confirmed by no less an authority than your own official government spokesperson, 6 current and former officials of your Justice Ministry are about to share D10 million among themselves as honorarium for services rendered within their salaried official mandate regarding the Rohingya case at the ICJ. The total projected honorarium to be shared among these officials is D100 million over a 5-year period when women lack water for their horticultural gardens and thousands of rural families cannot access clean drinking water.

Your Excellency, it is for these and many such reasons that I have labelled you and your top government officials as squirrels; taking cue from the parable of the squirrel that took over and personalised the heap of groundnuts cultivated and harvested by a poor farmer.

Mr. President, you and your close associates have hjjacked our national treasury and personalised our national resources like the black sand being mined in Kombo South and fees accruing from petroleum exploration. What a pity! And by the way, the grapevine has it that the shady business of mining and exporting this back sand has now changed hands from your close associates to your family members. Shall we hear the truth about this from your own mouth Mr. President?

The poor people who strove for years to usher in change for a new Gambia have been robbed off the fruits of their sweat while Mambury Njie, Bai Lamin Jobe, and a group of heartless businessmen who never played any role in your ascension to power are enjoying the heap of groundnuts with you at State House. 

To be fair to you, Your Excellency, I must commend you for cancelling your planned trip to Dubai when I exposed the nefarious tactics behind this mission orchestrated by some business moguls. Indeed you acted right at the proper moment and saved us national humiliation in this matter.  

And also, Mr. President, information has emerged that you have decided to cancel a major petroleum business move hatched out by some Gambians and your friend, the Senegalese business mogul. 

I commend you for the bold step taken to cancel this deal too because you would have made the biggest mistake by handing over our national energy security lifeblood to a clique that includes two of the greediest and most unscrupulous business minds in this country. 

These two businessmen that I now call the “dangerous duo” are up to no good. Take heed Mr. President and watch your back. These two dudes betrayed Yahya Jammeh and stabbed him in the back and so shall they stab you with more lethal blows. Their obsession with the local oil market is really worrisome. After raking in millions of dollars from NAWEC when their puppet figurehead of a Managing Director ran that company, they have turned their eyes unto other juicy heap of ground in the national energy farmyard. Be careful Mr. President.

And on that note, I bid you goodbye; wishing you and yours a glorious Eid season.


Momodou Sabally

The Gambia’s Pen, aka Commando.

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