OPINION: Building The New Gambia; Pres. Barrow Beware!

Mamos Media

By Madi Jobarteh

President Adama Barrow be aware of sycophants and lobbyists and surrogates and selfish supporters. They delayed and derailed and fooled Jawara only to destroy him! They exalted him like a god and claimed a Gambia without Jawara was inconceivable. In the end a humble and decent man was trapped in deception such that he could not salvage his people! Then they abandoned him. It is these same people in the name of party and 'patriotism' who transformed a young lieutenant with probably good intentions on July 22 into a monster 22 yeas later. In the end he has to exile himself from his country of birth, abandoned! Where are those gathering at his solidarity marches and festivals? Many of them are around you now! Today some of them are exposing him at the commission. This time is your turn! Do not seek for praise singers and those who would call you "No Faulter" as they called Jawara. Listen to diverse and divergent and even unpleasant and dissenting voices for your own good and legacy and for the good of the country. Do not let these sycophants make you believe what you are not. Do not let them make you do what is not right. Do not let them paint you in the colour they wish. Do not let them separate you from the true interests and concerns and aspirations of your people, The Gambians! Insist on inclusion and accountability and performance. Free yourself from partisan and any other sect.arian considerations to which these sycophants would want to confine you. Let them not put you in a box but equally seek independent voices and perspectives to get a good grasp of issues for the good of The Gambia! Remember! Just like Jawara and Jammeh the day of reckoning shall come. I love you and wish you success for that is my success too! God Bless The Gambia

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