OPINION: Building The New Gambia: The Police Press Release is Misleading and Empty

Mamos Media

by Madi Jobarteh 
The Gambia Police press release is not only empty and misleading but also carries an unapologetic threat to citizens rights to freedom of expression. The Gambia Police cannot generate outlandish ideas of its own only to attribute that to decent citizens and then subject them to unlawful arrest. 

What Dr. Ceesay said has nothing to do with intelligence as if he was subversive. Just because a citizen mentions the word ‘military’ or ‘security’ does not mean that it is a matter for the intelligence and security institutions. 

Gambians have a right to speak to issues surrounding The Gambia Army and other security services without intruding into any intelligence or subversive activity as to warrant an arrest. 

The police therefore must be told to abide by the rule of law and stop calling citizens on the pretext that they are being invited only to detain them. That’s kidnapping. 

The police are a legally constituted entity whose job is to protect human rights and not to infringe it on frivolous ideas and unfounded stories. 

No to abuse of power! 

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