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By Madi Jobarteh
It is now clear that reality has caught up with Fabakary Tombong Jatta and the Abominable APRC. In his long tenure as an APRC member of parliament and as an adult citizen who witnessed the 22 years of Yaya Jammeh, Fabakary has never ever raised a question about the atrocities of that regime. But today, Fabakary spoke in the name of APRC on the incidents in Kanilai. He said the current Government is responsible for the death of Haruna Jatta. How Dishonest!!! He defended the people of Kanilai to protest against what he called “the militarization of their area.” In that despicable APRC statement Fabakary said this,
“The million-dollar question Gambians are asking is why no live ammunition was used by the Drug Squad and the police in previous skirmishes with security in Bakau and Farato but was used in Kanilai?”
Yes the death of Haruna is unfortunate and unnecessary and must be investigated for justice to be done. Yes, every Gambian has a right to demonstrate.
But the last and the least Gambian to say this is Fabakary Tombong Jatta and the APRC. This is because Fabakary was a leading member of a government and a party that ruled this country for 22 years. In that long period, Fabakary never stood up for the many Gambians who were killed or their rights violated. Here are a few cases to remind Fabakary and APRC:
On 10 and 11 April 2000, students legitimately embarked on a peaceful protest only to have soldiers shoot to death 14 children and a three-year old baby. Not only did APRC failed to condemn that massacre, instead what Fabakary did was to join his APRC parliamentarians to pass an indemnity law to protect the killers.
On 7 May 2015 Yaa Binta Jarju was innocently shot to death by soldiers while she was in a taxi, yet Fabakary never said anything about it. APRC never called for investigations.
On 21 February 2016 the President of the Gambia National Transport Control Association Sheriff Dibba died in police custody after he was arrested with his union colleagues. Fabakary and APRC never mentioned his case.
On 14 April 2016, Solo Sandeng and compatriots staged a peaceful protest in the middle of Serre Kunda but an armed group of police jumped on them. Within 24 hours Solo was tortured to death and scores of protesters were severely beaten and raped, yet Fabakary and APRC never say anything about that incident until today.
On 2 December 2016 Yaya Jammeh conceded defeat in the elections but on December 9 he turned around to reject the results. Fabakary did not say anything only to lead a motion in the parliament on 18 January 2017 to extend the tenure of Yaya Jammeh and the parliament after imposing a state of emergency the day before.
Because of that decision by Fabakary and APRC, foreign forces had to come to the Gambia.
Yet today Fabakary speaks as if he is a democrat and a patriot and a compassionate person who has always defended the right of Gambians to protest and that he has always condemned the killing of Gambians. It is now clear that Fabakary and his APRC are in fact the very ones behind the death of Haruna and the riot in Kanilai. After driving the young man to his death, Fabakary now wishes to exploit this young human being for his own selfish personal and political interests.
APRC is now exploiting Haruna Jatta and the poor folks of Kanilai to portray themselves as the victims in the Gambia. If APRC truly believes in the equality of all Gambians, then is it today that they know what is justice and the right to protest? The hard truth is Fabakary and APRC do not care about Haruna and Kanilai. They only care about themselves. They know the crimes they committed in aiding and abetting the dictator and in order to avoid prosecution and isolation, they wish to save themselves by claiming to be victims. Thanks to Gambians they are free to speak their mind without any repercussions. They forget that four months ago, no Gambian dared point to APRC Government for killing Gambians. We see your game plan, APRC!
If APRC and Fabakary had stood up for the Gambia since 1994 or 2000 or 2016, there would not have been a foreign force in our country today. If Fabakary had stood up to make sure that his dictator stepped down peacefully and according to our constitution, today Haruna would have been alive because there would not have been any ECOMIG in the Gambia. If Fabakary had stood by Yaa Binta Jarju and defended Solo Sandeng, then today Fabakary would be justified to stand for Haruna Jatta. But he never stood for Binta and Solo, why then is he standing for Haruna? Hypocrisy!!!
Fabakary and APRC, none of you qualify to speak for Haruna. None of you qualify to speak for our poor folks in Kanilai and Foni. You failed them. You brought this misery to Foni and Kanilai. APRC and Fabakary killed Haruna hence you have no moral authority or political legitimacy to speak for Haruna Jatta. After taking his life, do not play with his soul by pretending to care for Haruna. APRC and Fabakary do not care about Haruna because you created the circumstances willingly that led to the death of Haruna. Only decent Gambians can speak for Haruna but not Fabakary Tombong Jatta and the entire APRC. Shut up!
Apologize to Haruna and his family and to the people of Kanilai for failing them for 22 years. Any problems we have in this country today, from Kanilai to Farato, from Kartong to Bakau to the lack of electricity are all the fault of Fabakary Tombong Jatta and APRC. You have harmed the Gambia severely and it is therefore utterly dishonest of you to speak for the Gambia. You lack the moral uprightness and the political legitimacy to stand for the Gambia.
Fabakary Tombong Jatta must be prosecuted for treason!
God Bless the Gambia

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