OPINION; How much revenue has Barrow Administration generated in its first 6 Months?

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By Madi Jobarteh

Yaya Jammeh spilt the milk already! Let us not allow Adama Barrow to also spill the milk!!

Because of the revelations of abuse of power, corruption and disregard of the rule of law being exposed at the Janneh Commission citizens must by necessity and in personal and national interest become more vigilant and interested to watch over the Barrow Administration and all future governments of The Gambia. These revelations of ungodly plunder of public wealth have now exposed the complicity of not only public officers but also highlight the overall failure of all Gambians in our inability to effectively hold Yaya Jammeh to account.

If we refuse to accept the excuses of Njogu Bah and Co that he was afraid to resign or object to these obnoxious criminal instructions then at our level also as citizens we have also failed to exercise the necessary vigilance. This is because we have seen, as citizens how Yaya Jammeh routinely and consistently dished out raw cash in thousands and millions to individual Gambians, schools, groups and communities yet we never took practical actions against him. Whether we were afraid or unaware or indifferent or just sleeping, the fundamental lesson of the Janneh Commission now confirms to us that we must never be indifferent and silent.

We must now become very suspicious of Government and seek to question and verify each and every decision and action of the state. Failure to be vigilant could lead to the reoccurrence of these dastardly acts that makes all of us look stupid and fools!

At this moment we know that the International Gateway Account is managed by Gamtel. How much have they collected so far? We need to know that information just as we need to know the amounts of money generated by other sources of government revenue.

For example how much has GRA collected in the first 6 months of Barrow? How much has BCC and KMC and all area councils have each collected in this first 6 months of this government? How much has The Gambia Tourism Board and Immigration and PURA as well as GNPC among other sources collected so far?

The Government must demonstrate transparency and accountability by generously and willingly displaying this information to the general public. This is the leadership we expect from Adama Barrow!

We need to understand that the government has multiple sources of revenue that continue to generate funds. Citizens must follow the money so that we do not see the repeat of the Yaya Jammeh Albalaa!!!

Members of the National Assembly should focus on this issue very much by asking for the amounts collected all the time. The Gambia Government does not have a dedicated information platform where such information is readily and easily available and accessible to all citizens all the time. The State House website does not carry such information. Similarly such information is not available on the websites of the parliament or ministries or GRA and there is no CSO that is tracking government finances.

For that matter citizens and the parliament must ask about government finances all the time. It is about our lives and our future.

Let us realize that the Government is a huge and complex organization with immense power and secrecy. Typically the government is the most corrupt institution in any society in the world. Hence citizens must always be wary of Government lest we allow the perpetuation of abuse and corruption again!

Yaya Jammeh spilt the milk already! Le us not allow Adama Barrow to also spill the milk!!

God Bless The Gambia


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