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By Hamzat V.Sherif, Mamos Tv , Liberia

MAMOS TV– The opposition Liberty Party’s standard bearer and political leader Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine has dismissed claims that he is desperate for power, a claim which has drawn the attention of a lawyer turned politician. It has been widely speculated and discussed by some of his political critiques that Cllr Brumskine is desperate for power, citing his resignation from politics immediately after losing the elections in 2011 and returning to politics in 2017.

Speaking recently on Truth FM, a local radio station in Monrovia, Charles Brumskine said if he was desperate as claimed by some politicians, the two elections he lost to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, he would have protested the result or called for violence. Cllr. Brumskine said after losing two elections in succession, he kept silent and remained in Liberia to make positive contribution towards the development of Liberia.

Brumskine maintained that he is not desperate for power but rather Liberians in general are desperate for change.

When asked about the possibility of opposition parties working together, Cllr Brumkine said that he is completely in agreement with the opposition coming together, citing 2015 as the year when he called on all opposition parties to form a coalition in an effort to unseat the ruling unity party in 2017.

He further lamented that he made a passionate call for all oppositions to come together during his Liberty party’s convention in Lofa County. Cllr Brumskine said if the oppositions cannot form a coalition in the first round of 2017 elections; there would be a compelling reason for major opposition parties to work together in the second round of the elections.

“What is frustrating is to have one political party transforming itself into a political hegemony,” said the Liberty party strong man.

Brumskine said his determination to ensure that the ruling unity party led government does not succeed itself cannot be overemphasized, noting that it is bad for Liberia’s young democracy to have one party ruling. “The unity party succeeding itself will automatically create ‘one party state’ which Liberians are not willing to accept,” he remarked.

The Liberty party leader is at same time calling on all Liberia’s  patriotic politicians not to result to violence as it has been observed by some Liberians over years, claiming that it has been a common political practice when politicians feel that they cannot unseat a government democratically, they choose the way of violence.

Responding to some callers relating to  his position serving as a lawyer for some companies in Liberia which the caller thinks would contradict his position of been president, the corporate lawyer said that they don’t get involved in the management decision of companies particularly corporate lawyers.

When asked about some Christians wanting to Christianize Liberia, Brumskine said it is the right of individuals wanting to do so, but he totally disagreed with said proposal. He further maintains that his government will not pass any law which terms to compel individuals to belong to a religion not desiring to practice.

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