Our ” educated” people failed us

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For those of us who think they are educated raise themselves above commenting or publicly defending their tribe when it comes under attacks. Some will go to the extent of discouraging you not reply to such comments to reserve your academic status or to avoid going against professional ethos. Some of us hold the belief that responding to such attacks will make you lose respect and status in the eyes of friends, colleagues or spouse from other tribes.
Some of us believe that disassociating themselves from their Mandinkaya would earn them respect and afford them opportunities to get closers to certain people and groups.

In fact it is the educated folks among us who easily find it difficult to promote any thing related to Mandinkaya.

Check groups and associations formed to promote Mandinka culture how many highly educated and intellectuals you will find among the members, unlike associations linked to other tribes and staffed with educated professionals and intellectuals among them ?

Nko script or Mandinka language ߒߞߏ/ ߡߊ߲߬ߘߋ߲߬ߞߊ߬ ߞߊ߲ߧߏ is being taught for years in the Gambia , but how many educated and professional Mandinkas bother to learn it or even to encourage to learn it. How many of them would be invited to an event or to a TV or radio show and speak in Mandinka without being apologetic and hesitant about it? How many of our educated Mandinkas who will change their lifestyles and their circle of friends or even their partners when they become financially successful and comfortable.

In contrast who many of other tribes who you think they have sense of superiority over you would this?

All these communicate messages to others, and define their attitudes to you as a group.

In fact we have seen Mandinkas who will tell their friends I am a Mandinka but….in order to make them comfortable with their accompany. We have Mandinka families would hardly speak Mandinka in their households in the Gambia . How comes you are a friend with someone on Facebook or at work or schools for years only to suddenly know that his or she is in fact a Mandinka. This tells a lot about us and how we value ourselves relative to others.

It reached to the extent some Mandinka would be so aggressive and negative about or avoid anything labeled either rightly or wrongly as Mandinka to substantiate that he or she is not one of us in a bit to to relevant to others.

As far as such trend continues the attack would be perpetuate. You have to respect yourself before you would be respected.

Our educated people failed us, and they continue to fail us. Majority of them cannot condemn such attacks on their tribes for obvious reasons .

To love yourself cannot and should not necessarily mean hating others. We should subjectively promote our tribe, and objectively allow others to do the same for their tribes. Gambia cannot be imagined without its people who belong to different tribes. You cannot be more Gambia when you throw your tribal identity. You can only be more Gambian when you become tolerant to others and recognize the existence of others and their rights to promote what whatever belongs to them. This has nothing to do with tribalism. If you fail to promote what belongs to you, others would do it for their.

You dont have to exercise nepotism, favoritism and tribal politics to be more Mandinka, what we want from you is to love yourself and be proud of who your while accepting others to be who they are . It is through this you would immune urself from unnecessary attacks from others.

Ni e ya aje dindingho lu ko ali ngha kunu kari muta, e ya ajeh iti nyaale to.

Alieu SK Manjang

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