Outspoken Imam warns citizens against divisive politicians

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Imam Chebo Cham in his Friday sermon has called on citizens to be mindful of politicians as they are only after their selfish interests.

The outspoken Imam never shies away from criticizing the country’s opposition politicians which has seen him attacked for his views.

He recently told worshippers: “We are in a state of great blessing. But some people so long they are not in power, they will not see this. Be careful of these politicians. They are not out to help you. Whoever speaks you think he wants to help Gambians but this is not the case.”

Cham advised his listeners not to let the politicians divide them.

“They are all after their personal interests. We hear their statements and we see their actions. Do not let them sow discord among you. We are in a state of peace and should not take it for granted. They will not want to hear this so long they are not in power. Whether you take it or leave it, they are not out for God’s sake or for your sake because we have seen it. We would have given examples but if we do that there will be insults before sunset,” he stated.


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