Gambia: La Parisienne Restaurant Rejects CEO Runaway Over Death Of Two Workers

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By Ousman A. Marong 

Ibrahmi Pl of La Parisieene Restaurant has maintained that the Chief Executive Officer CEO has not runaway on the death of two workers who were trapped inside a suckaway.

This rejection came at a time when he (Ibrahmi Pl) has assigned two Gambian youths to drain his filled suck-away who died inside the suck-away as a result of bad inhalation and the heat inside.

La Parisieene, is a Lebanese Restaurant situated along the Kairaba Avenue just opposite the American Embassy.

“I am the CEO of La Parisieene Restaurant, there is no CEO at La Parisieene apart from me and here I am talking to you, so how can I be on the run,” he quizzed.

According to him he has his own contractor who normally cleans up his suck-away any time it is filled.

“The contractor came to my office and discussed on the amount and I paid him and left for other errands. Upon arrival at my work place I met a group of people when I asked what was going on and I was told two people died in the suck-away. I want to sacrifice myself to enter in the suck-away in order to help them out, but people held my hand,” he explained.

 He said it was from there they called the Gambia Fire and Sea Rescue Service (GFSRS) who came to help remove the dead bodies from the suck-away.

“I together with official from the Gambia Fire and Sea Rescue Services (GFSRS) transported the corpses to Sharab Health Center in Kanifing where they were adhere to and were given back to their families for proper burial,” he said.     

Sainey Kanteh 24 from Wuli Ja Kunda in the Upper River Region (URR) and Lamin Manneh 23 from Niamina Village in Central River Region (CRR) where the duo who died inside the suck-away due to inhaling bad Adour and  the heat in the manhole.

The tragic event occurred on Friday 7 February 2020 at La Parisiseene Restaurant at Pipeline opposite the American Embassy.

According to eyewitness the duo were assigned by the manager of La Parisienne restaurant to drain off the waste. One of the sources said even though the tragic incident happened they still carried on their normal business.

An eyewitness close to the restaurant has it that Ibrahmi Pl is not the CEO at La Parisienne Restaurant.

“You know Ibrahmi is not the CEO of La Parisienne. The CEO is one Ali and he is currently out of town. He supposed to travel on Thursday, but had to cancel his trip due to the tragic incident. He traveled on Friday,” said the witness.

When asked by this reporter whether the CEO is called Ali Baba but could not confirmed.quizzed our reporter, “No is not Ali Baba, I do not know his first name,” replied the witness.

On his part, Bakary Kanteh, father to one of the deceases said “This kind of a job is not my son’s job. My son is a businessman.”

He said he heard reports that his son Sainey Kanteh who first entered in the ditch through a narrow hole was suffocated to dead by intense heat and bad ordour.

“As soon as he gets inside, he was not talking nor responding to questions from Lamin Manneh. Lamin too decided to follow him inside to see what went wrong and they both die,” he explained.

He said the police have conducted investigation at the place and has taken photos in order to establish the cause of death of the duo.

“There were no further investigation so as to ascertain the cause of the death on Sainey and Lamin. All we could do was to request for our deceases in order to give them a befitting Muslim burial,” he remarked.

At the time of going to press effort were made in reaching to GFSRS for comment, but remain futile.

A call was made to the police PRO, but we were told that he is current not in town.

This is a developing story and MAMOS TV will keep you update.

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