PDOIS candidate reveals plans to transform the Gambia, eradicate poverty

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The presidential candidate for rhe People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS), Halifa Sallah last Sunday held face-to-face discussions with the media, students and members of the public on his plans to transform The Gambia and eradicate poverty of the people.

He disclosed to the gathering held at PDOIS Political Bureau in Churchill’s Town that they should not cast their votes without knowing why they are casting them.

 He said his party’s manifesto which is the Transformative Agenda stands to eradicate poverty, injustice and ignorance and to ensure that each Gambian irrespective of your socio-ethno linguistic origin, gender and religion lives a life of liberty, dignity and prosperity.

Sallah said The Gambia is a community of citizens who are equal in sovereignty irrespective of their ethno-linguistic origin, gender and religion among others. He maintained that each Gambian is a depository of the sovereignty of our motherland.

“There is no minority in this country. Everybody belongs to the majority and the majority constitutes the citizenry. Anybody who decides to belong to any group you are seceding from the Republic and you would constitute a minority because the citizens are always the majority,” he said.

Sallah said the Manifesto (The Transformative Agenda) is divided into seven components adding that these are drivers of the country’s economy. The components are: political, economic, social, civil, cultural, ecological and external relations.

“Each of those components has policy directive, strategic objective, programme, institution and action plan. The strategic objectives of each of the components are clearly defined, the programmes amply teased out, the action plans distinctly outlined,” Sallah said,

 “My duty is to speak to your mind; to your heart; to your conscience, so that together we will develop love for country and people, and be ready to sacrifice to ensure that collectively we live in liberty, dignity and prosperity,” he said.

He added that since independence no decisive and conclusive step has been taken to demarcate and establish the true size of The Gambia, adding that all information being given regarding the size of the Gambia is hypothetical.

According to him, a PDOIS led-government would, within six months of its assumption of office, negotiate with the Senegalese Government to clearly demarcate the external boundaries of The Gambia.


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