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Peace Ambassadors hold post-election reflection | LOCAL NEWS | Mamos Media LTD

Peace Ambassadors hold post-election reflection

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By Cherno Omar Bobb

Peace Ambassadors – The Gambia (PAG), a voluntary non-profit peace education and advocacy organisation last Thursday held a post-election reflection meeting for Domestic Eletion Observers at Metzy Residential Hotel.

The dialogue was aimed at looking at how the presidential elections went between electoral stakeholders and come up with ways to collaborate to address some of the gaps and loopholes identified during previous elections in preparation for the April parliamentary elections to have a smoother electoral cycle.

President Adama Barrow was shown-in on 19 January 2022 to lead the Gambia for another five years after his re-election.

Momodou Juju Jallow, Program Manager for Peace Ambassadors – The Gambia said the gathering was also aimed to at discussing among civil society organizations lessons learnt during the previous election, identify challenges faced and how to improve and mitigate them as well as collaborate among them in future elections.

Mr Jallow stated that they will look at areas to improve on ahead of the Parliamentary Elections as some rejected the presidential elections results while others confirmed it as credible, free and fair.

He noted that as domestic observers they observed that accessibility was an issue for some people especially the differently able during the presidential elections.

He also said that sharing of misinformation was also another challenge.

He described Parliamentary Elections as equally important as presidential elections and therefore urged all to come out and vote during the April elections.

He highlighted that Parliamentary Elections are very vital towards nation building and urged citizens to elect the right people but also for young people to contest for parliamentary seats.

He said it will be disheartening for a 65-year old deciding for a 25-year old youth his\her future. He said they will embark on an advocacy to sensitize people to not vote based on tribe but vote for those they believe can bring development to their constituencies.  

Peace Ambassadors – The Gambia has since 2006 monitored every election held in The Gambia including presidential, parliamentary and local government elections.


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