‘Pigs’ killing Ugandans in Masaka are finished- Museveni

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President Museveni gestures while he presided the pass-out of 364 Uganda Prison Service Cadets at Kololo in Kampala, August 31. PHOTO/MICHEAL KAKUMIRIZI


President Museveni once again voiced outrage at criminals he described as pigs- that have viciously killed close to 30 Ugandans in just one month.

‘‘You are a pig. There are people who miscalculate and think they can disturb Uganda. That’s deception because there’s no force that can defeat Uganda and NRM militarily and politically,’’ he said.

Security records indicate majority of the slayed are individuals aged over 50 with most attacked from their homes during wee hours. 

‘‘There’s no strategy. You’re finished now. They are bankrupt. It’s unfortunate that they have caused death of these old people,’’ he said.

For the first time in more than a week, Masaka Sub-region overnight Monday did not report any fatality related to the horrifying attacks executed by persons whose agenda is still anonymous to security forces.  

‘‘We can mobilize a force of even up to 500, 000 people. There’s no man power we cannot mobilize to defend the country,’’ Mr Museveni reacted.

However, Mr Museveni castigated law enforcement officers for ‘not being very well sensitized’ in the wake of criminal acts noting that: ‘‘Otherwise, you (offenders) will leave any sorts of clues that will enable Police to arrest them.’’

About 70 people have been arrested in a security clampdown following the deadly crime-path that has rocked Masaka Sub region but their physical identity is still concealed.

‘‘Once we bring them to court they will reveal those who sent them. There’s no way you can commit a crime in Uganda and we fail to know you,’’ he remarked at an event where some 97 Cadet Assistant Superintendents (CASPs) and 267 Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) were passed out at Kololo Independence Grounds.

‘‘One of your roles is to correct and implement the punishment of society on anti-social elements. Punish according to the law. Try to imagine where you will be 40 years from now,’’ Mr Museveni cautioned.

On August 27, Mr Museveni associated the lethal criminal group terminating lives in the region with the Islamic State linked Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel group.

‘‘The plans and orders for killing our people are coming from the terrorists in Eastern Congo. We are continuing to discuss with HE Felix Tshisekedi (DR Congo president) about eliminating that cancer,” he said. 

ADF insurgents account for over 6,000 lives lost and as many as over 50,000 human displacements on the African continental bloc.

‘‘Our forces are ready to contribute to the punishment of these parasites. We just need the concurrence of Congo Government,’’ Mr Museveni informed.

Source Daily Monitor.

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