Police Grant Bail To Fatou Jaw Manneh, 15 Others Over Land Dispute

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

Fatou Jaw Manneh, a veteran journalist with fifteen other youths who were arrested for their alleged involvement in Sukuta land dispute, have been granted bail by the police.

Sources have revealed that the police on Tuesday, has cracked down on dozens of youth who were accused of vandalism and destruction of reserved lands situated at the Sukuta/ Salagi Community. The disputed land is said to be a reserved allocated to youths of Sukuta for future developmental purposes.

According to the Police Spokesman, ASP Lamin Njie, the police were ordered by the court to prevent the angry youth from carrying out their planned to demolish the land designated to government.

“We (the police) must make sure we go by the directives given to us by the court and we must abide by regional right-of-passage laws,” ASP Njie told MAMOS Media.

The Police Spokesman said the police were deployed to prevent the youths from demolishing the place who resisted and decided to launch an attacked on the police at the ground.

“This has resulted to confrontation between the youths and the police in which the police decided to fire teargas to disperse the angry mobsters,” Police Spokesman said.

“The youths will be tried under a provisional charge of illegal demolition,” he said.

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