President Barrow said the NPP/APRC Coalition is for reconciliation and Peace

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Reconciliation and Peace for who because this is not for the interest of the nation.
You cannot force reconciliation for your personal interest.
You cannot force reconciliation for votes. You cannot force reconciliation to prolong your stay in power.
You cannot force reconciliation before you even set your eyes on the TRRC report.
A union of a party that murdered, tortured, raped, killed etc with a caretaker government without accountability and Justice cannot be called reconciliation.

We cannot set up the TRRC to investigate and establish an impartial historical record of human right violations, but to also consider reparations for the victims of abuses, promote reconciliation and promote non-reoccurrence and before they gave you their findings/report you form a Coalition with the party and leader under investigation. This is highest level of injustice to the Gambian people.

Reconciliation is a process, you have to have accountability, then Justice and finally reconciliation. President Barrow and his NPP is leading this country to a very uncertain part.

Gambians December 4th is your day to take care of your destiny. Your destiny is in your hands and the choice is yours.

Listen to Fabakary Tombong Saidy, Interim Leader APRC in his own words

“All allegations against APRC and Babili Mansa will ever be recurring in this country and has occurred and will reoccur and any where in this world.”



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