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President Barrow urged to address high food prices | LOCAL NEWS | Mamos Media LTD

President Barrow urged to address high food prices

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

President-elect Adama Barrow has been urged by citizens to address the daily increase of prices by putting in place price regulation to stop the daily increase of prices for f essential commodities.

The call came few days after Barrow promised the nation of his administration’s commitment to address high food prices by investing massively in agricultural production.

Jaiteh Touray, a vegetable vendor at the Serekunda market called on Barrow to help address the high price of commodities as he got re-elected into office.

“If you buy 3 cups of vegetable oil from D100 you are only left with D40. What can you do with that?” she queried.

She stated that The Gambia is not going on a straight path, noting that it will be difficult to buy some items in this country in the near future.

“Barrow agreed to reduce the price of rice but never did but now that he is re-elected, we urge him to have sympathy for poor families because many families are under the care of women who are suffering daily to feed their families,” she said.

She also called on political leaders to address their militants to stop using tribal sentiments because it will not take the country forward.

Fatou Manneh, a resident of Sukuta Lambai said: “now that we have made President Barrow to win the election and run the affairs of the state for the next five years, the concern of women is to make better living conditions and reduce the prices of commodities.”

Fatoumatta Dumbuya said: “Whatever I earn daily is what I spend to feed my family. We cannot buy a bag of rice and the same time pay for kids’ school fees. I have been selling in the market for the past 20 years but the difficulties we have faced in the past 5 years are too much.”


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