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A special adviser of Gambia’s president on Religious, Traditional Affairs and Culture has tasked authorities of The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) to immediately conduct negotiations to broker an ultimate resolve of the conflict between Ahmadis and Tallinding youth over burial rite in the town’s cemetery.

Speaking to members of the country’s highest Islamic authority at State House last Friday, Dembo Bojang said the long standing fiasco between the people of Tallinding and the Ahmadis has now reached a worrisome proportion that requires the intervention of religious authorities.

The GSIC authorities were at State House on the invitation of the minister of Women’s Affairs and overseer of the Office of the Vice President, Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang to receive over 1000 Holy Qur’ans donated by President Barrow.

Earlier this month, the police, through a dialogue brokered a relative peace between the parties but the problem is still expected to persist if complete solution is not made.

The impasse emanated from a burial rite of an Ahmadiya man in Tallinding who died and was to be buried at the Tallinding Muslim Cemetery but the youth in the area denied him from being buried at the cemetery.
The Tallinding youth are said to have claimed that Ahmadis are non-Muslims so cannot be allowed access to bury their deceased ones in Muslim cemetery.

Mr. Bojang told the religious leaders that it is now their responsibility to resolve the impasse, saying religious conflicts could be fatal and when they strikes, they have the potential to tear people apart.
President of the GSIC, Muhammad Lamin Touray said Islam is complete religion that advocates for peace and tolerance.

Alhaji Alieu Mboge, a member of the council also called on Muslims and Christians to peacefully live together and preserve the country’s peace.

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