PRESS RELEASE!!! : 3DGam Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ministry of Youth & Sports!!

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On behalf of the Penniless Chambers (Cabinets: Gam & Global), 3D Group wish to inform our esteem Members, readership and followers on the above subject. The objective of the Memorandum of Understanding is to target the issues identified below to enable a more collaborative engagement and recognition between 3DGam and Youth & Sports so far as this Memorandum of Understanding helps to create.
Based on the common desire to develop youth empowerment and sports through increased access, promotion of youth empowerment and sports – the Ministry of Youth and Sports and 3DGam, part of 3D & 3DGlobal have agreed to establish a cooperative arrangement for the mutual benefit of our country in the areas of Human Right and Drug Awareness.

The MoU has two-fold effect:

  1. Through Youth for Human Rights International who sponsored the Human Right Package is part of our continues effort that started with Schools culminating in MoU signing with Ministry of Basic Education in 2019 totalling now to over 140 Schools. Broaden with this MoU with Ministry of Youth & Sports, set to increase its human rights education initiatives in Gambia as part of efforts to accelerate broader understanding among young people especially on issues related to good citizenship, respect for the rule of law and participatory democracy.
  2. Another important element to the MoU is the distribution of over 1020 Human Right, and 1000 Drug Awareness Educator kits to the 5 satellite Departments of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (National Youth Service Scheme, President International Award, National Youth Council, National Enterprise Development Initiative & National Sports Council). The Drug Awareness educator kits are sponsored by Foundation For A Drug Free World and includes resource materials in the form of DVDs and booklets. It would be beneficial to both youth and adults in raising high level awareness on the truth about different types and categories of drugs, and their negative impact not only the users/addicts but for the society in general. Drug abuse related issues would be highlighted by these materials and generate greater understanding of the truth about harmful drugs.

This Ceremony also witness the 6 Winners in order (Nusrat Senior Secondary School in Bundung, Serre Kunda; Model Senior Secondary School in Kombo Busubala; Masembeh Lower Basic School in Kiang Massembeh; Njaba Kunda Upper & Senior Secondary School in Baddibu Njaba Kunda; Kinderorf Bothrop Senior secondary School in Kombo Brikama and Kerr Pateh Senoir Secondary School, Baddibu) from 3DGam Human Right Project held across the country who would be awarded their individual Prizes this morning, 28th December 2020 (Tables, Certificates, cash prize and transporting the Tables to their respective School). All costs shouldered by 3DGam Sacrificial House!


We are a Foundation of like-minded individuals who want to Radiate Goodness in Mankind with a Plain Progressive Agenda with no ifs, no buts! 3D stands for ‘Decisions Determine Destiny’; and our Motto: ‘Plain Progressive Agenda’! The scope of our operation is apolitical, nonreligious, non-ethnic/tribal or section based. Summarily, our object is to: Provide support for Technological; Educational; Economic & Sociocultural improvement of disadvantaged in communities (TEESidic)
These objects bring in benefits that will radiate goodness and hope in mankind which are not limited to those that would sign up to this Plain Progressive Agenda. The simple knowledge that you are making little difference to the lives of the people, which by fate, would enable them to make an informed Decisions that will Determine their Destiny, is the firm belief of 3Dears (People of 3D). This kindness we hope will elicit goodness in communities of mankind. In a nutshell, this is who we are!

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