Profile: The Gambia’s Ebrima Camara sets sight on Olympic semi-finals

Mamos Media

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Ebrima Camara, Gambia’s 100metres athlete will be making his first Olympic Games appearance for the country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Speaking to Mamos Media recently, the 24-year old, who has set his sight on at least reaching the semi-finals, said he was happy that he would be wearing the Gambian colours at the highest level of athletics competitions (the Olympic Games). He described competing at the Olympics as a dream for all athletes.

He further said that competing with the best athletes globally will serve as a motivation for him to even perform better.

The ambitious athlete also said that his preparations for the Games are going well and he thanked the Gambia National Olympics Committee (GNOC) for their support.

“I am currently working hard to achieve my goals,” said the athlete, who is currently in France continuing his preparations for the Games.

He noted that as at now, everything seems going well with him; training and competing. He appealed to Gambians for their prayers in ensuring that he achieved his set goals.

Given that the African Championships have been cancelled, his only chance to qualify was to compete in Europe. He said that it was great that the GNOC was proactive to arrange for them to go to Europe to compete for qualification spots. Camara added that he and his colleagues were appreciative of the GNOC who fully funded their trip, while the training center in Dakar facilitated their participation in various competitions.

Camara said they were scheduled to return to Banjul by middle of July to join the rest of the delegation to the Games.

Upon their arrival in Europe and first race in Paris, Camara finished with a timing of 10.17 seconds. During their second race, he improved on his timing by a second, finishing on a timing of 10.16 seconds, his seasons best and he continued to train, hoping to break this time during the Olympics.

Nesta, as he is fondly called, gained his first international experience in 2013 at the African Youth Championships in Warri, Nigeria, where he finished fourth in the 100-meter run in 10.91seconds.

He then finished the Junior African Championships in Réduit with 11.27 seconds in the lead and won the silver medal in the Gambia’s 4 x 400 meter relay in 3: 14.8 minutes.

Two years later he reached seventh place over 100 meters at the Junior African Championships in Addis Ababa in 10.91seconds and finished sixth in the 4 x 100 meter relay in 42.00 seconds.

He then took part in the Africa Games in Brazzaville for the first time and was eliminated there with a timing of 10.60 seconds and 40.09seconds in the 100 meters and 4 x 100 meter relay in the preliminary round respectively.

In 2017, he reached the semi-finals over 100 meters at the Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku, in which he was eliminated with 10.66 seconds. In addition, he finished fourth with the relay in 40.20 seconds.

The following year he participated in the Commonwealth Games held in Gold Coast, Australia, over 100 meters with 10.50 seconds and with the relay team clocking 40.57seconds. He also ran the 200-meter race with a timing of 21.58 seconds but that was not enough to qualify him for another round.

In 2019 he finished seventh over 100 meters at the African Games in Rabat in 10.33seconds and finished fourth in the relay in 39.44 seconds, while he was eliminated in the semifinals over 200 meters with 20.82 seconds.

He also qualified for the World Championships in Doha, where he was eliminated with 10.38 seconds in the preliminary round.


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