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QNet Debunks Questions Of Its Legitimacy

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Muhammed L Bojang

Following the widespread social media outbursts on the legality and legitimacy of QNet Company, the Network of Finance and Tax Committee (NFTC) on Sunday organised a day-long media engagement to clear the public misconceptions.

Speaking at the event, the chairperson of NFTC, Abdoulie Nyokeh, said the objective of the Committee was to show that there is a fair play between the business community and the government and also to educate and sensitize the public on the importance of taxes to the government.

Nyokeh said the idea of talking to the media came as a result of widespread misinformation circulating all over social media about QNet.

“The mission of these QNet officials to The Gambia is to have a roundtable discussion with the Gambian media to share ideas and make their observation. I do not doubt that the journalist present here today will be equipped with much-needed information as the objective of this media engagement is to dismiss the misinformation in social media,” he remarked.

Biram Fall, the Regional General Manager of Sub-Saharan Africa said the confusing situation is detrimental to the business in general, specifically to QNet and also to all those men and women and young people of the Gambia who work with this opportunity and who happen to spend a lot of their time and energy on the issue.

“To those people saying that the world has been changing, as we have been hit by the COVID 19 pandemic, I was listening to a journalist who said there will be a 150 million more people added to the poor population, it makes me think about all the new opportunities that help everybody to feel the equal chance to change their lives and also to help others,” Fall said.

Mr Fall said QNet has no office in the Gambia but an independent representative and the company has been operating for 25 years delivering good services and also contributing to the socio-economic development of the world. He said QNet is a global direct selling company with proud Asian heritage, established in 1998 with offices and agents in over 25 countries and 1000 plus staff around the globe with over 6 million distributors and business partners in over 100 countries.

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