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By Hamzat V. Sherif, Mamos TV Liberia

Some natives of Quadogboni District residing in Koweleni Community in Voinjama, Lofa Region have distanced themselves from the recent welcoming program of the Liberty Party’s deputy standard bearer (presidential aspirant), Harrison Karnwea and its Parliamentary spirant Sekou Kolleh. The residents organized a meeting on Saturday to make a clarification and further maintained their position of supporting the Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai in the October 10, 2017 Presidential Elections.

The residents of the region also made their position known in a program held recently in voinjama, Lofa Region, where several opinion leaders of Quadogboni and the Unity Party attended the program. The dignitaries present at the occasion include; the Commissioner of Quadogboni, Mr. Anthony Kamara, the Women’s Wing chairperson of the Unity Party, Madam Katrine Gagbo; the Youth Chairman of the Unity Party, Mr. Dominic Dennis and several other executive members in Lofa.

Quadogboni District is the newest of the seven Administrative Districts of Lofa Region in Liberia, with predominantly Mandingo and Muslims residing there. It is represented by Hon. Mariamu B. Fofana and that, the founding father of the current ruling Unity Party, Edward Kesselly also hailed from there.

Speaking on behalf of the Town Commissioner of Bakedu in Lofa Region, Mr. Mohammed M. Dolleh, said they did not attend the just ended program held in honor of the Liberty Party executives and that of Sekou Kolleh, as it was alleged on the social media sometime in May 2017.

Meanwhile, our Mamos TV reporter in Monrovia quoted an independent journalist Tokpa Tarnue, who resides in the region as saying, “the program was largely organized by supporters of Hon. Mariamu B. Fofana.”

The  residents maintained that they did not just called the program  to distance themselves from the earlier welcoming ceremony of Liberty Party executives, but they also used the occasion to reaffirm their support for the presidential bid of the Vice President Boakai and Hon. Mariamu B.Fofana.

They also alleged that the Liberty Party politically imported crowd which they referred to as propaganda meant to deceive some Liberians that the Vice President is not in control of his native Lofa Region, as it has been portrayed in the region.  But Mamos TV reporter in Monrovia could not however independently verify the alleged information.

It could be recalled that sometime in May 2017, a huge crowd turned out in Lofa region to welcome Liberia Party executives and its representative aspirant Sekou Kolleh, a move which many political pundits called defiant Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai stronghold in his native Lofa Region.

Our Mamos TV Liberia reporter spoke with Mr. Sekou Kolleh through a telephone conversation on the matter. He said: “it will be naive for me and my supporters to claim that we have the support of all Quadogboni citizens and Lofa in general, something which is not politically possible.”

The Liberty Party 2017 representative aspirant of Lofa Region, in a strong voice, did not hesitate to inform our reporter that his welcoming ceremony in Lofa was unprecedented in the history of the Region. “Although it is politically obvious not to get the support of all citizens, but no single Parliamentary aspirant has ever pulled such a crowd compared to me as evident by what was displayed on the social media,” he concludes.

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