Raising two children in Switzerland costs at least half a million francs

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In a rich country, having children can easily become a luxury. On average, direct costs associated with raising a child are CHF 1,200 to 1,800 per month and that’s not including some of the most expensive childcare in the world and indirect costs.

Love is priceless as the saying goes. But between guitar lessons, trips to Disneyland, and iphones, the costs quickly add up.

Even before the birth of their child, many parents don’t hesitate to spend thousands of francs on clothes, strollers, and child car seats to welcome their little one into the world.

Even without excessive consumerism, raising a child is expensive in Switzerland. But, how much does it cost exactly?

What are the basic direct costs of raising a child?

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There are two official data analyses on the subject that have been widely referenced. The first is called “The cost of children in Switzerlandexternal link” (in German), from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). The authors calculated that in 2009 the average cost of raising a child was CHF819 per month. For two children, the price tag amounted to CHF1,310 and rose to CHF1,583 for three children.

More detailed than the FSO, is the study of youthexternal link by the Zurich cantonal office, which is published each year and serves as a reference for various cantons on basic costs of living. It arrives at much higher costs for raising a child at about CHF1,200-1,800 per month depending on the child’s age.

What is a concrete example?

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For an only child of 10 years old, parents spend around CHF1,500 per month or CHF18,000 a year. The most expensive item on the list is housing at CHF560 per month, followed by food and leisure activities.

Source: Swiss Info.CH

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