Ramadan Conference For Migrants Held in Germany

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Many German citizens especially those living within the Baden Wurttemberg Region attended the conference. It was an occasion meant for migrants from different countries to talk on the topic of discussion on behalf of their respective countries. All the speakers talked about how they observe the month of Ramadan in their homelands and their social life during this period.

Various speakers from Afghanistan, Eritrea, The Gambia, Turkey and Syria designed the Ramadan evening together with the co-ordinator Karin Nagel from the Evangelical District Flight and Migration Office and Hasan Tuzun from the Board of the Kulturquelle.

Speaking at the occasion, Assan Sallah, a Gambian journalist who is asylum seeker in Germany, said Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar year. He explained that it is the month of fasting, in which Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. “Still in the dusk one takes something in the morning,” he added.

“After sunset, a festive meal is served. Missed fast-days can be paid back during the year. Children, the old people and the sick people as well as long distance travelers, etc, are exempted from fasting. It is month of blessing, the most important month of the year and Muslims do special prayer especially at night during this month to gain more blessing and reward from Allah,” he explained.

Sallah also decried the attitude of the business people who increase the prices of basic commodities to make more profit during Ramadan, instead of worshiping Allah and trying to seek more blessings by helping the needy and the poor. He also talked about the good relationship between Muslims and Christians in The Gambia, among many other issues.

For Aladin Fahnadi, a refugee from Syria, said Ramadan is “the best month of the year”. This is, he added, is of course, much more than just “fasting”.

According to the Koran, donations for the poor and prayer are done every day. The city and the apartments are particularly decorated during this time.

Different traditions


In Afghanistan, Ramadan is “the happiest month,” said an English teacher from the said country, which was overrun by war and terror. “Charity is the focus of the fasting month, which is concluded there with a three-day festival and tables with sweets and visits to friends,” he explained.


With gunfire, Mohamed Galman Moussa reported, Ramadan is announced in Eretria. He said the cohabitation of Muslims and Christians is not a problem. “Charity also plays an important role here,” he remarked.

The joint dinner was served, with which the successful evening came to an end. It was an opportunity for exchange of personal conversations. The meeting also offered the opportunity to learn about personal life situations.

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