Rawdatul Majalis Questions Neutrality of President Barrow’s Religious Adviser

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

The Public Relations Officer of Rawdatul Majalis Islamic organisation, Foday Mahmoud Touray has questioned the neutrality of Dembo By-force as President Adama Barrow’s Religious Adviser after his attendance of the recently concluded Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Supreme Islamic Council (SIC).

“We demand answers from President Barrow as to whether he was the one who assigned his religious adviser to attend to the Supreme Islamic Council AGM or whether he (Dembo By-force) attended it on his own volition,” the Majalis spokesman said.

Speaking in a WhatsApp audio sent to Mamos Media on Wednesday, the spokesman said Dembo By-force’s attendance of the event was mind boggling. Even though he said it did not mean much to the Majalis) but they were concerned that President Barrow as a democratically elected leader should not interfere into religious matters.

“Was it not Dembo By-force who promised to meet us together with the SIC for a dialogue after we elected Sheriff Nano Hydara as our president? How can he promise such just to wait until the last minute and then attend the SIC AGM? This action has taught us something in his mannerism. We were with the belief that the democracy that President Barrow was calling for is really in him,” he remarked.

Touray alleged that Dembo By-force’s actions were widening the differences between them and the SIC. He said by attending the SIC AGM, Demba By-force has lost any credibility to mediate between the two organisations.

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