RDI President Calls On UTG Student Union To Vote For Ousman Jassey

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By Bakary J Janneh

The President of the RDI Student Union, Bakary J Janneh, has called on the University of The Gambia Student Union UTG-SU to vote for Ousman Jassey for the betterment of the University.

It’s with great concern to me as the University of The Gambia Student Union on road to election as to who lead the UTG-SU to dream Institution that will stand to cater for the demands of it’s students.

It’s quite devastating and disheartening having known the conditions of University of The Gambia not providing services to it’s students as expected from its administration. However, there is a way out . In other to ball kick those hardship that the students of university of the Gambia is facing, I call on the entire student body of the UTG to stand behind His Excellency Mr Ousman Jassey of Alliance to lead them to the desired direction of UTG.

Ousman Jasseys competency is no longer something new in the Gambia. He served as the Student Union president of Rural Development Institute during his time which I am occupying today thanks to Ousman Jassey and other predesesors.

Ousman is someone who received a clear understanding of governance and Adminstration and he also understand the society and as well as development. He got a clear understanding of governance and Adminstration right before coming to the university of the Gambia and he has served in various capacities as an administrator or a social worker/engineer during his presence in the Department of Community Development, therefore electing him to better the conditions of University education at University of The Gambia will never be a regret for the university of the Gambia and the Gambia as a nation.

Ousman Jasseys competency and dedication to providing quality service for the people in their struggle to find themselves a better society to leave in, is a clear manifestation that he is the right candidate for presidency office of the University of The Gambia Student Union.

He is a pundit in his line of profession with corporatist- strategies not like others. His Excellency Ousman Jassey vigorous  patronage  service and pragmatic is written everywhere in LRR.
I stand with him and his team.

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