Saho, Jaiteh form alliance with Bakary Badjie

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Sheikh Omar Saho and Momodou Jaiteh, who were both contesting as mayoral independent candidates in the Kanifing Municipality Council (KMC) have formed alliance with Bakary Badjie as a tactic to win the KMC Mayoral seat.

Mr. Saho a native of London Corner contested the last mayoral election against Yankuba Colley of the APRC while Jaiteh, the former deputy mayor of KMC both have agreed to work together as independent candidates for KMC mayoral after they have reached a non-conditional agreement with Bakary Badjie. 

Both candidates at a press conference on Saturday at Mr. Badjie’s office in Kanifing said that they have similar vision if not the same with Mr. Badjie. According to them, it is that vision that triggered them to form alliance for a better KMC.

Mr. Saho disclosed that there was no condition attached for him joining the team Bakary Badjie, adding that their vision to transform the council to a modern council remains the same. 

“The political landscape of the country must change. KMC is not a political Bantaba or political bureau. KMC alone can have a health centre, local radio station and even give loans to the government if the right people were at the helm of the office.”

“We don’t want KMC to be run and administered by a political party. I can assure you that we will develop the council and create job opportunities for inhabitants within the metropolitan.” 

For his part, Momodou Jaiteh, who was also contesting as an independent candidate in KMC spoke at length on the significance of the forum. He said Badjie’s vision and that of his vision in transforming the Kanifing Municipality are almost the same.

“I decided to drop my candidature and support Bakary in order for us to get victory because I know what Badjie is capable of doing when elected in to office for the fact that I worked with him at KMC,” he said.

Bakary Badjie thanked the two independent candidates for forming alliance with him, while describing them as development oriented people who have the development of the council on top of their objectives. 

“Now I am confidence of winning the election for the fact that I am joined by two great people who are well experience in all aspect of development.”

The people of KMC, he added, should know that a political party cannot develop the council. “Lots of people did not vote in the past Local Government elections because they are tied of voting and paying taxes and in the end they don’t see any development. So voting for political parties means that the same trend in the KMC will continue,” he argued.

Badjie warns APRC

Independent candidate, Bakary Badjie, warned executive members of the former ruling party Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) against slandering his name on political platform. He emphatically made it clear that he has nothing personal against the former government. However, they always slander his name during campaign.

“I have called Yankuba Colley, the APRC general mobiliser and informed him about it. They are going around and telling people among other things that I am not a Jola. In fact the first audio comes from Rambo Jatta, the APRC candidate for the KMC mayoral election who was telling certain Jola communities within KMC not to vote for me,” he stated.

Author: Momodou Jawo
Culled from The Point.

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