Senegalese Foreign Minister Commends President Barrow for his role in Senegal-Guinea Border Closure

Mamos Media

State House, Banjul, 8th July 2021: President Adama Barrow received the Senegalese Foreign Minister, Her Excellency, Aïssata Tall SALL, at the Statehouse in Banjul on Thursday. Madam Tall SALL was at the Presidency to convey a special message from the Senegalese President to his Gambian counterpart.
Speaking to the press following her closed-door meeting with President Barrow, the Minister praised the fraternal relations with the sister Republic of Senegal, which she said dates back to the pre-colonial era.
She extended a special message of love, and brotherhood from the Senegalese President, His Excellency Macky Sall to the Gambian President, particularly for the mediation in the border closure between the Republics of Senegal and Guinea. She expressed gratitude for resolving the problem thanks to President Barrow’s intervention.
Additionally, she pledged Senegal’s commitment to strengthening the bilateral cooperation between the two nations in the mutual interest and benefit of both countries. Her Gambian counterpart, Honourable Mamadou Tangara, Minister of Foreign Affairs, accompanied her to the Presidency.
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