Senegalo-Gambian secretariat commends golf federation for historic signature

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By Cherno Omar Bobb

The Senegalo-Gambian Permanent Secretariat, an interstate institution based in Banjul with the mission of strengthening cooperation between The Gambia and Senegal has congratulated Ebrima Jawara, president of The Gambia Golf Association (GGA) following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Gambia Golf Association and its sister federation from Senegal (FSG).

The Secretariat described the move as an act of friendship, cooperation and even integration that will go well in the direction of history.

According to the letter signed by the executive secretary of the secretariat anything that promotes cooperation between the two countries can serve as an example for the sub-region and even beyond.

The heads of the two federations; Baidy Agne, president of the Senegalese Golf Federation (FSG) and Ebrima Jawara, president of The Gambia Golf Association on Friday 8th October 2021 signed a memorandum of understanding for the creation of the Senegambian Golf Cup at a ceremony held in Dakar, Senegal.

In their desire to strengthen the cooperation between the two governing bodies and similar bodies in the sub-region, the FSG and GGA have a major annual competition called the Senegambian Golf Cup. 

It would be played each year alternately between Senegal and The Gambia, paving the way for an active and fruitful cooperation between the two governing bodies and, thus, reflecting the excellent relationship that exists between the two countries.  

Both governing bodies decided to hold the maiden edition of the Senegambian Golf Cup in Banjul, from 26 to 27 November 2021.

The number of players is set at 28 per country (8 professionals and 20 amateurs), making a total  of 56 players.

The rules of the game are those defined by the the R&A and USGA, and shall be played according to the rules of match play.

The first day: the matches will be played in pairs (amateurs as well as professionals). 

The second and last day: matches will be Greensomes for both professionals and amateurs. 

A winner has 1 point, a loser 0 points. A draw each player has 0.5 points.

The country with the most points is overall winner of the tournament, and keeps the Senegambian Cup until the next tournament.

There shall be an arbitration committee made up of 5 members as follows:

  • Two members of the Senegalese Golf Federation
  • Two members of the Gambia Golf Association
  • The captain of the golf club where the tournament is played

As regards prize money, 70% will go to the winning country’s professionals and 30% to the losing country’s professionals.

Each governing body will have its own outfit in accordance with the colours or national symbols of its country.


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