Shame On Gambia To Experience Fish Shortage While It Is Been Exported To China

Mamos Media

By Bakary J Janneh

Giving license to foreign factories to export fish while Gambia lacks it is an insult on Gambia to the highest level.

It is with great forlornness and ignominy to have learn that Gambian is fish deficiency, to the extent that people have to depend wholly on imported chicken when we have a consummated ministerial institution task with the liability  of administering fish sector in The Gambia. We have a deposit of fish in our tiny river Gambia that is capable of generating millions of dollars for the country. But it’s so startling and abash that the pitiable little Gambia have given that opportunity to people who wish no good for her. What a pity for the Gambian and Gambia Government.

Are we going to continue with begging money or taking loans and grants in trying to develop our country when we have a resource that can be use? Don’t we know that we are making life unbearable for the future.

I still withsake  to perceive what the roles of ministry of Fisheries and water resources are. It’s a very big mortification on Gambia a country that was able to attend herself independent five decade ago cannot provide a state fishmeal factory that will employ thousands of Gambian youths, children, men and women. But we still provide licence to Chinese factories to exploit our natural resources to the expense of our own people. The Communities in West Coast Region in the name of Sanyang, Kartong and Gunjure are demanding protection of their environment and total end to the high cost of pollution caused by the Chinese fishmeal factories. They have a right to voice out because the future of their environment and the Marineline is at stake.
This is something worth crying for Gambia.

The presence of Chinese fishmeals factories in the vicinity of WCR is unprecedented and unwarranted and therefore most stop with immediate effect.

Chinese are in a state of insomnia  drilling our water resources. I hallucinate we loose our resources in the long run if decipher is not make to avoid our river Gambia from debasement.

Why should we allow our resources to be taken away by Chinese factories. When we have a ministry to take care of the resources? Are those people in that ministry only there to benefit from the salaries and coupons? Don’t they have a responsibility at hand to take care of ? Your Excellency James Gomez please answer my questions.

Where is the effort of your ministry? Educate the Gambia on the Impact of your ministry.

Is it that your ministry of Fisheries and water resources department of strategic  planing cannot draw any strategy in improving the ministry capacity in generating income for the Gambia through a state owned fishmeal factory?. If the ministry of Fisheries cannot establish income generating strategies for the Gambia, why not Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs draw up Programs and policies that will enable the Gambia to benefit from her river resources.

Establishing fishmeal factories in the country could be another method in improving socio economy status of the Gambia and it will go a long way in providing job opportunity in the country because there are thousands of Gambian youths, men and women engaged in fish industry in one way or the other.
There are more than twenty coastal villages in the Gambia if those places are instuteted with state owned fishmeal factories, I believe it will be a big plus on our economy. I therefore request from Adama Barrow lead Government to look into this with high level of seriousness.

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