Sierra Leone – Kandeh Yumkella shows president Bio the red card for poor governance

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Dr Kandeh Yumkella, parliamentary leader of Sierra Leone’s opposition National Grand Coalition (NGC) party has been busy in the last week, debating serious issues in the country’s parliament as well as talking to the media about the state of the economy, social incohesion, crumbling public institutions and poor leadership.

Yumkella is perhaps the busiest and most vocal of all elected members in Sierra Leone’s parliament.

He has on several occasions tried to put forward private member’s Bill that will bring forward new legislations but without success, after the ruling party’s Speaker of Parliament – Dr Abass Bundu systematically and consistently prevented Yumkella from exercising his constitutional and parliamentary rights.

Speaking on AYV TV, Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella said he is advocating for constitutional and institutional changes to protect the next generation.

He is calling for a Peace Commission that will guarantee ethnic balance through continuous Ethnic Audit, so as to ensure that no single tribe get more than 30% of public sector jobs.

Since joining politics, Dr Yumkella has been calling for changes to the Constitution that will allow Sierra Leoneans with dual citizenship to have the right to elect and be elected, without losing their dual citizenship status, except for certain roles such as Speaker of Parliament, President or Vice president.

As a strong advocate of gender equality and balance, Yumkella is calling for change that will guarantee a minimum of 30% quota for women in all public sector appointments, including Parliamentary service.

Calling on the government to be more transparent and open, Dr Yumkella says: “As government speaks about allocation,  Parliament should be speaking about results.  What value are the people getting for these allocations. Our government has received over $1.5 billion over the past three or more years in loans and grants. Parliament should be asking what has the government done with these loans and grants. We need results to address the burning issues of our people.”

Source Sierra Leone Telegraph.

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