Sliding back to the old order!

Mamos Media

Basidia M Drammeh

Lamin Darboe, a young, dynamic, charismatic and ambitious gentleman has become the latest victim of the new reality of our nation where loyalty takes precedence over due diligence and competence.

I have never met the sacked Executive Director of the Gambia National Youth Council nor do I have any connection with him whatsoever but I frequently saw him in the media passionately advocating for the well-being of the youth who make up the majority of our country. His capability to man the position is beyond question.

As such, the authorities must advance reasonable reasons for his sacking or reinstate him to carry on with his efforts to be the voice of the youth.

Almost two months ago, the Managing Director of the Social Security Mohammad Manjang was unceremoniously sacked without the Government justifying the move. Some reports have suggested that his loyalty was under a cloud of suspicion which prompted his removal.

It seems that after all, Gambians have gotten cosmetic change as the country is sliding back to the same order before December 2016!

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