Spotlight on Magnificent Joe, winner of 2009 Chart Buster competition

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Magnificent Joe is a rising Gambian music star. He has made a name for himself in the country’s music industry especially some years ago in 2009 when he won the national singing competition called the Chart Buster, organised by one of the country’s GSM operators called Gamcel.

In 2010, Joe also won the best artist award in 2010. In 2012 – 2013, he released a new album called Legal Movement and sold 5000 CDs. In that same famous album, hit songs ‘Huum’ in the name of the Lord, Changes, Loving You, etc. In 2014, he released another album called Happy Album with songs like Happy Hour, Don’t let go, Be Careful, etc.

Joe has dropped a new single track in the market on August 28, dubbed “Missing Home”. The new hit song has already gone viral since it was released some time last week.

Commenting on his new single, Magnificent Joe said; “I heard the confusion between a Jamaican brother in the United States claiming me to be Jamaican after listening to my last week hit song.# MISSING HOME#. I was called this early morning on my phone to know if like really sang that song is mine.”












“I am currently working on some international hit songs like; Never too late; God put a hand and Missing Home. Missing Home and Never too late are songs hitting worldwide now. I am also looking for sponsors and management of my music,” he remarked.

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