Suku gets dumped as women of Niani adopt Sabally as Honorary Father

Mamos Media

Following widespread media reports that former National Aseembly Member and top UDP executive member Suku Singhateh has switched political allegiance to the National People’s Party (NPP), a group of UDP women from the CRR town of Niani Sukuta has formally renounced their allegiance to Suku and adopted a new honorary father.

The group that had earlier adopted Suku as father, announced that they have dumped him after he left their party and also presented cola-nuts and mint in traditional gesture to former Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally seeking his blessing as their new father.

The event happened in Niani Sukuta on Sunday, March 7, 2021 during a political gathering at the town center convened to present farming equipment worth more than D300, 000 to the UDP women of the area by a group of Niani natives resident in The Gambia and abroad. 

Speaking at the event, Mr. Sabally expressed gratitude to the women who extended to him the  honour of being their father and promised that this group of women will never regret their decision to choose him. 

Sabally implored the women and the entire town of Sukuta to renew their allegiance to the UDP and their party leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and to continue supporting the country’s biggest political party since “victory for the UDP is certain come December 4, 2021. “

It could be recalled that barely a week ago, on February 28, a group of six towns and villages from CRR, NBR and the Kombos formally adopted Momodou Sabally as honourary father during a ceremony presided over by the UDP’s party Leader and  Secretary General at the Party’s Manjai Bureau.

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