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Sukuta Nema Gets New Mosque And Madarassa

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

Hajji Sillah, a native of Sabi village in the Upper River Region (URR), on Wednesday laid the foundation stone for the construction of a mosque and ‘Madarassa’ at Sukuta Nema in West Coast Region.

Speaking to Mamos Media, Sillah said the initiative is in collaboration with philanthropic partners, with the view to help people of Sukuta gain access to quality Islamic quality education. He further underscored the significance of Islamic education, as a vital tool for societal development.

“Our mission into this world is to know the teachings of Islam. One cannot know the teachings of Islam without learning it through school. You cannot stand on the road and ask people about the religion. One has to acquire Islamic education through its teachings and moral obligations. We are calling on all and sundry to come and acquire knowledge through Islamic teachings upon the completion of the project,” he remarked.

On his part, Lamin Camara, a representative from Sabi revealed that the aim of building the mosque together with the ‘Madarassa’ is to impart knowledge in the young generation and generations to come.

“The aim and objective of building this mosque is to impart knowledge into the young people. The ‘Madarassa’ too is open for all and people from different works of life can come and learn. I am urging all parents to send their kids to acquire knowledge as it would be the only way out for them. Remember we always say education is the only key to success and life without knowledge is a run way horse. I therefore urge all of us to send in our kids to the ‘Madarassa’ in order for them to learn the teachings of Islam and God,” he concluded.

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