Supreme Islamic Council to file petition against Ahmadiya TV licence

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The Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) will file a petition to protest against granting television licence to the Ahmadiya Jamaat, the council stated in a press release. 

“The  Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) in consultation with the imam ratib of Banjul, Alhajie Cherno Alieu Mass Kah, the Muslim Ummah of The Gambia, represented by several imams and Muslim scholars throughout the entire country, wish to place you on notice of our intention to present a national petition objecting to the grant of television licence to the Ahmadiya Jamaat. By Allah’s will, the petition will be forthcoming in the next few days,” the release stated.

The council said that the television could be used a powerful propaganda tool to adulterate the minds of the Ummah by a movement which has been classified by the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to be outside the pale of Islam. The grant of such a propaganda tool to this organisation , the council maintained, is as such considered to post an existential threat to the Muslim Ummah in The Gambia as well as the neighbouring countries.  

Culled from The Point newspaper

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