TAF targets building 1million homes in Africa by 2040

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By Adama Tine

TAF Africa Global has revealed plans to build one million homes in Africa by 2040 as they plan to expand business in Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry.

In an interview with West Coast Radio on Friday, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mustapha Njie said: “we plan to build 1 million homes by 2040 and by doing this we need to build 50,000 homes annually.” He said his company plans to expand business to Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry, following a breakthrough achievement in Nigeria.

Njie revealed that TAF Africa Global plans to turn the Gambia into Dubai by building an ultra-modern twin tower in the West African country. The facility, called TAF Twins, would be located at the Kanifing Industrial Estate which is just ten minutes’ drive from Banjul, the capital. In terms of features, he said the structure has been designed to include a banking hall, supermarket, a restaurant, five lots of office space ranging from 50 to over 1,000 square meters among many other modern features, he said.

This is not the first major project Mr. Njie has undertaken in Africa. Prior to the TAF Twins, the real estate magnate initiated Project One Million Homes with which he has started building a million modern structured homes across the continent.

Mr. Njie has already developed numerous properties in the Gambia. His first project outside the Gambia is a housing estate located in Port Harcourt, the capital and largest city of River State in Nigeria. The property has over one thousand houses including about 600 units of apartments, villas among others constructed on 40 hectares of land.

Mr. Njie was earlier in the news after a video in which he disclosed the continental housing revolution went viral hitting over a million people.

The TAF Africa Global CEO revealed that, since that viral publication was made about his project, he was contacted by several African leaders, including other state governors in Nigeria who expressed partnership interests in the project.

Currently, his company (TAF Africa Global) which is the first private estate developer in the Gambia has branches in seven other African countries. With the growing interest in his Pan-African agenda, which is channeled through housing with potentials to deal with homelessness in Africa, Mr. Njie could change the African housing narrative in the near future.

The TAF Africa Global CEO earlier refuted the widespread perception that such huge projects are normally sponsored by either Chinese or some foreign investors. “I can probably do what anybody who is of a different race can do” he said, adding that, “I am a Made In Gambia product; I’m an African product. Everything I know, everything I have had, everything I made in my life, I made it in Africa.”


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