Team Gambia calls on Gambian to vote in peace, celebrate in peace

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Team Gambia Organisation has called on Gambians to campaign in peace, vote in peace, go home in peace and celebrate the results in peace.

In a press release issued by Team Gambia Organisation reads: “At the heart of any society’s power is its people, governed by the rule of law and guided by their customs, traditions, values, diversity of ideas, wisdom, imagination, trust, compromise, and PEACE. Societies that understand and appreciate the power of peace transform themselves into mighty hubs of development and magnets for unity, creativity, vision, leadership, socioeconomic and political prosperity. “Providence also tells us that peace is the most fragile of all human actions, but when people give chance to peace, they can come together to build their homes, communities, regions, and country. With our utmost dedication to duty, Team “Gambia’s message for the remaining days of this election cycle to each and every one of our brethren is clear and precise:

“Campaign in Peace. Vote in Peace. Go home in Peace. Celebrate in Peace. #GambiaWins

“Peace is the architect of meaningful development. Our country must develop its people in the presence of peace. Our country must be able to deliver prosperity to its citizens believing in peace. Our country cannot succeed without its citizens actively working to preserve peace. When we accept and respect each other, our differences become small, and our commonalities become bigger. Which country would you have seen develop in the absence of peace? Every community, ward, village, district, city, and region in our country will prosper, as long as there is peace amongst the people.

“Gambia will continue to fulfill its destiny of greatness, but peace must prevail and be championed and exercised by all. In our great democracy, each of our PEOPLE must be able to go to the polls, without threat or fear for their safety. And whatever their desired outcome, our country’s democratic ideals require citizens to accept the results of a free and open elections. The People deserve to live in peace and tranquility with their families, friends, neighbors, and citizens. The People must never accept, encourage, or enable violence. The People must maintain and enforce the integrity of the voting process. And the People must always maintain peace, as we can campaign, vote, and celebrate with whomever we want. This message is not an endorsement of any of the six presidential candidates, but when a winner is declared, our country must accept the results, and we implore all those who did not win to accept the results, support our newly elected leader’s legitimacy, and if anything, move on to the next free and fair election. We must never forget that our country is bigger than any one person, one party, one tribe or one religion. We are ONE people, seeking a common destiny that includes education for our children, a healthcare system for our afflicted, infrastructure for our citizenry, job opportunities for our youth, access to technology throughout our land, and economic prosperity for all. None of these is possible without a peaceful election process and acceptance of the results. We must all do our parts. Thank you.

“May God Bless The Gambia.”

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