Terms Limits in Africa

Mamos Media

Madi Jobarteh

The way I see it is that the AU, and if they fail which is obvious, should adopt a convention on term limits for leadership in Africa. There should be only one term of 6 years in each and every country for presidents and prime ministers. Those who have already served at least 5 years in power must step down at the end of their current term.

This way we do not only enhance good governance and spur development but we also cut back on the plunder of national wealth by one person.The cost of one African president in terms of money, mineral resources, human life, national capacity and national prestige and reputation is immense. Some presidents have soiled the name of their countries to the point that they represent a painfully boring comedy.

This is not to mention the extent to which they have not only retarded the progress and happiness of their people by their poor policies and lack of transparency and accountability but have also constrained the very state which they head to be able to deliver the basic goods and services to their people. Instead these so called presidents have directly and violently hijacked the nation-state and deliberately robbing it to enrich themselves.

Thus a single term of 6 years saves us from such daylight robbery by one man or woman. It will speed up the enlightenment process and empowerment of the people thereby enabling the masses to eventually dominate and control the state. The state then will be afraid of the people hence make it more transparent and accountable and responsive hence democracy.

But when the people are afraid of the state only tyranny will prevail. Thus a single term of 6 years is a strategy to reverse the relationship between the state and the people so that instead of the state being on top of the people fucking them with impunity, now it will be the people that will be on top and making the state serve them as it should be.

This is the only solution I see that can serve Africa and her people. If a president is able to lay out a very good program for the people I am sure the people will return that party to power with a new leader to continue the same program of the predecessor. The current state of affairs in Africa can only engender more poverty and powerlessness and oppression. Serving for more than 10 years or presidents of 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 years old cannot transform our lives. They are irrelevant. One term. 6 years. Over and out.

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