‘THE BABY PRESIDENT’ Captain Thomas Sankara on Africa Liberation Day(Africa Freedom Day)!!

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Alagi Yorro Jallow
” You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain degree of madness. In this case, it comes from nonconformity, the courage to turn your back on the old formulas, the courage to invent the future.” That was Thomas Isidore Noel Sankara, Burkinabe Military Captain, Marxist revolutionary, Pan Africanist theorist, and President of Burkina Faso, 1983-1987.
Thomas Sankara was the closest we ever came to political purity in Africa. He believed in the emancipation of his people, the progress of Africa. Whoever killed Thomas Sankara, killed us, killed Africa, placed a dent on the aspirations of the Burkinabe. Captain Blaise Compaore killed an enigma.
Now, I am a great believer in the fullness of time, that evil deeds catch up with people. Deposed president Blaise Compaore will eventually face trial starting this year for the brutal murder of Africa almost three decades ago. Thomas Sankara.
As we celebrate the life, legacy, and political thoughts of one of Africa’s greats, Africa Liberation Day, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all those who have resurrected Thomas, led by current Burkinabe President Roch Marc Christian Kabore.
One a day, we threw out a violent pervert who disrespects women, Koffi Olomide. I remember a man who stuck out his neck for women like no other man of his time with the words nearly cast in stone ” The revolution and women’s liberation go together. We do not talk of women’s emancipation as an act of charity or because of a surge of human compassion. It is a basic necessity for the triumph of the revolution. Women hold up the other half of the sky”.
Whatever his minor failings and weaknesses, Adama Barrow made us hold the other half of the sky by throwing out dictatorship. So as I celebrate Thomas Sankara, a man whose shoes were too big for Adama Barrow, I thank the Gambian president for pushing our own nationhood forward.

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