The Gambia Does not Need “Black-Crab-Syndrome” Politicians

Mamos Media

Alagi Yorro Jallow
Fatoumatta: Political trickery has started in The Gambia. The Gambian political class in the Gambia and the diaspora community effectively uses social media networks and platforms shaping political campaigns to influence their theory of perceptions of politics and the dimensions with implications, exploring the link between conceptualization politics and political participation in the December 4 Presidential elections.
Some of the politicians and their ‘taf yengal’ briefcase parties seem to be busy adjusting to untested political topography and navigating on the gendered terrain, steadily gaining impetus by an active, probably confusing a plethora of ‘tangal cheeb’ political operatives who may incite or inflame political rhetoric signaling a tinder politics, particularly by party surrogates, sycophants who act obsequiously towards people and lying demagogues on their policies and programs. Besides, talking stupid comments daily on social media use demagogic agitative rhetoric with specific identifiable characteristics so ignorant as to be unable to distinguish truth from falsehood by their prejudices about other political leaders and movements does not put bread on our kitchen table.
Fatoumatta: The Gambia currently needs a new approach of politics and political leaders who are dynamic thinkers with a vision and the ability to secure our country’s future. The same old, same old system of investment will not do for the Gambian people. We need to have total ownership and be strategic in our future development. Some of our tangal cheeb politicians are too much in love with bureaucrats who never ran an ethical business in their lives. Simultaneously, others are too busy flaring populism, regurgitating concepts, phrases, and words from other people’s thoughts, plagiarizing manifestoes, and making broken promises.
Our generation can make a difference, but the only way we can is to revamp and rewrite a constitution that empowers Gambian ownership and protects a bill of rights for children and women. We must welcome Gambian women who are married to foreign men with full citizenship status for their children. Seventy-five percent of The Gambia’s economic belt are women, and they do not have accurate representation in the National Assembly or during major policy-making decisions.
Fatoumatta: In most cases, women in the country are not treated as equals to men in many sectors. These things must change either through a new constitution or extend a radical reconstruction and restructuring process of amendments or changes to the the1997 Constitution that can bestow equality and justice to all! The political lambasting, character assassination, and defamation on social networks leave one to wonder, has the Gambia progressed? Or are we digressing?
As dogmatic as this may sound, some Gambian tangal cheeb politicians hate to see Gambians succeed even though they aspire to be elected and lead on the backs and sweat of poor, hard-working men and women. This is the irony of the black-crab-syndrome. Vote for me, and ‘I will kill you,’ known as the ‘gingerbread syndrome.’ This type of animal farm contradiction must stop in the Gambia.
Fatoumatta: We must recognize that all Gambians have potential and encourage it with strategic partnerships, particularly in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and energy development. The Gambia has millions of dollars of natural resources in its ocean that we must protect from Chinese vultures annihilating our natural resources and destroy environmental ecosystems. We must hold land dear to our hearts and not allow them to farm on our land or waters. This is not a xenophobic statement. This is factual. Chinese foreign policies towards Africa do not give a damn about Africa, and they are not a solution for our pending problems. We must find the solution for ourselves. This love affair with the Chinese government must stop!
Wherever Chinese men are, they are known for reaping havoc on natural resources. They do not respect Africans or anyone else they do business with. They will smile to your face, wine and dine with you, and then annihilate you. Our politicians should be very concerned for poor Gambians. Americans, too, are rightfully concerned because it is only a matter of time before China will go to a cold war with America.
Fatoumatta: The Gambia is for Gambians. We must guard our sovereignty with all our might and all our brilliance for generations to come! The fact that China holds America’s debt does not mean we should bow to them or abdicate our citizens’ social responsibilities! The Chinese are famous for dumping labor. We need a Silicon Valley and to move away from the tourism business.
Fatoumatta: Our most wondrous friends, the United States and the European Union, can teach us the true spirit of entrepreneurship. Who do we think complemented our economy for decades? The Americans and the European Union! Even China needs American and European consumers. While the political trickery is in high gear, China is thinking about how they can outsmart our tangal cheeb political class, take control of our natural resources, and dominate our economy!

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