The Greens and the CDU in Baden-Württemberg agreed on coalition negotiations on Saturday weeks after the state elections

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The Greens and the CDU want to vote on the result on May 8, 2021 at separate state party conferences. On May 12th, Kretschmann wants to be elected Prime Minister for the third time.

This is a good news and am calling on the Barrow lead Government to take advantage of this and restart positive, transparency and fruitful negotiations with this coming Government in Baden-Württemberg. The Barrow lead Government technocrats should be able to design releable policies and programmes to be able to negotiations in the best interest of both countries. A fruitful talk with Baden-Württemberg can bring sanity to the mass Deportations between Germany and The Gambia, the German government is open for a fruitful and releable talks, the government of The Gambia should be able to come with a clear perspective for the best interest of their citizens in Germany. The coming Baden-Württemberg coalition government goals are, protecting the climate and preserving biodiversity is important for a sustainable future. “Combining this with the preservation of industrial jobs and participating in the transformation of the automotive industry offers the opportunity for innovation and can shape the whole of Germany,” The CDU boss Armin Laschet emphasized that this also applies to the goal of a humanitarian refugee policy with the prospect of staying for the well-integrated.

I will advise The Gambia Government to come to negotiation table with Baden-Württemberg Government as soon as possible for the best interest of Gambia Asylum seekers, let them not give more concentration to European Union socalled sanction threats, when you carefully look at the assessment carry by EU Commission which revealed that Gambia is among the 39 states that regularly prevent the withdrawal of their own citizens. Going by EU Commission list of countries and numbers of deportees, you will realise that Gambia Government infact received more Deportations than all of the west African countries.
According to The Refugee Council Baden-Württemberg
In the first quarter of the year 2021, a total of 244 people were deported from Baden-Württemberg. The most frequent destination countries were Georgia and The Gambia were deportations were carried out. Eighteen people were deported to The Gambia.
In Senegal was only 1, Somalia 1 and countries like Mali, Cameron, Congo, Ghana, Bissau didnot accept any deportees.
So Gambia did enough and EU should appreciate the numbers of deportees Gambia received, this is huge compare it with the way the current Barrow lead Government is struggling with youth empowerment and creation of better job opportunities for this returnees.

I would not be fair to conclude without not advising my fellow Gambian migrants to be law abiding, respect roles and regulations in Germany, look for possible integrations, doing vocational trainings (Ausbildung). Do not go near by any drug or criminal activities.

Mr Yahya Sonko
Newly elected Speaker of Refugee Council of Germany state of Baden-Württemberg. Abschiebungen/244- Abschiebungen-im-ersten-quartal-2021

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