The President Of Gambian Music Union Has Spoken!

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Gee.. I don’t know why our people are like this!

Congratulations Jizzle, watching your growth and seeing how you transform at the same time position yourself in this industry is amazing. Big bro is super proud.

St Singhateh it’s amazing how you’re from my generation, over a decade ago it was us and still here we are today. I admire u alot bro, continue shining and inspiring us all. Your story gives every young Gambian hope that anything is possible. Jizzle Sunj rakatti-raka la and we should be looking over him instead of allowing these fans to create some kind of enmity or competition.

Abdoulie Attack Gaye I’m so super proud, this is what we’ve been working towards when we started and I’m glad you kept the momentum and gone beyond what TGM was trying to do.

Royal Messenjah brother you’re not only the best Raggae artist in Gambia, you’re the best singer in Gambia if it comes to the actual craft and talent. Bless u bro , more blessings on the way.

WAH SA HALLAT, thank you for creating such a platform to celebrate players in the music scene. We are grateful.

And last but not the least to da fans… it’s ok to feel some kind away for your artistes and always want to see them win or dont like comparing them to others but we need to understand we are all in this together.

Through out my experience with Gambian music and its industry I’ve never seen this unity artistes have within themselves, to the fans PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE manglena nyarn let’s not do or say certain things all in the name of “supporting ur fav artistes” ..

Just a question to the fans complaining..
If Jizzle doesn’t win such an award at this point of his career, when would he ever win it ?
ST won this countless times n wouldnt mean as much it would mean to Jizzle. So ah moi lorlu.
We hope to see someone like Attack grow to be in such a position by next year and other emerging artist out of nowhere come out n take the industry by storm!!

Congratulations again to every artistes and everyone in our music scene.

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