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Good Morning Mr President
Adama Barrow

It’s with my deepest dissatisfaction and disappointment to the highest level that I pen to you this letter.

It is unfortunate that it has to come from me who always support all your Government agendas but I cannot continue to keep quiet Your Excellency because I will be hypocrite if I should do sure..

Your Excellency, this letter is specifically meant to remind you that the promise you made to Gambians during your 2016 presidential campaign as to the issues with regards to reducing the prices of food items are not realize and are now seeing as a just a sugar coated statement from a politician and you have no plans to execute those so-called campaign promises. This has manifested that all those no promise that were made to the people of The Gambia are nothing but an empty promises with no base.

Your Excellency, for the fact that the prices of food items like, rice, sugar, flower, vegetable oil, onion just to name a few are increasing in and alarming rate  is a clear manifestation that your Government attention is not primarily the welfare of the citizens with regards to the food availability and affordability to the households particularly the have nots.

The increasing price of aforementioned food items is really a great call of concern as we head to the Muslims Holy month of Ramadan.

The current increase in the price of food items is inhumane, barbaric, selfness, depression, deprivation of right to food, uncalled for and therefore your Government most put an end to it.

Mr President, your Government has failed to provide the Gambia with job opportunities that majority of the people where expecting when you came to power. But it seems like all those expectations are unrealistic. Which you know very well that is a concern that your Government should address.

For the fact that your Government has failed to provide employment opportunities for the Gambians, you should ensure that the prices of food items are affordable by those unemployment population.
It will unfortunate of you to go to bed satisfied while a poor farmer in Kiang Janneh kunda to spend the entire year going to bed hungry.

Mr President, the citizens of The Gambia are in need of food to sustain themselves.
I know very well that your Government cannot put food in citizens mouths, but I know for certainly that, your Government can put up policies and procedures to reduce the price of food items so as to enable poor people to buy food.

Your Excellency the people of The Gambia are discomfited, foiled, frustrated, thwarted for the onefold justification that your Government is unable to wipe out the tears of hardship in accessing food.

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