Gambia: The Striding Recovery Of Post-COVID-19 Economic Wakeup

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I sought the notion to put on a slim hat banked with minimal grasp of economic understanding. As countries are preparing a framework outlook of recovering their economic activities amisdt the new-found uncontaminated relationship with the unbaited coronavirus–that had massively hit topnotch economies like the US, Uk,China and the Arabic front.

Whereinsoever,our development projects are blasted by the trumpets of these countries which gives me this thinkabout question, when shall our taxes be a dividend to our progress and independence? Knowing fully well that our education is in motionless likewise our tourism, art, health etc are all in labour whilst waiting for a help through monetary delivery in order to activate the continual of their work.

Equally, how far does our finance ministry went with strategising a wake-up for our economy? The expected result would always be tagged with a null answer; seemingly bearing the doubt in me the usual obsessive and irrational steps of our government to mitigate or find decision whenever there is a problem wherein there was no case-study drawn to suspect such calamities. As a born of 21st century, I pulling the chunk of young generational Gambians inspired with the foresight of dictating and shaping our tomorrow through taking the clarion call towards our destiny. Glittering massive endorsements of the good policy recoveries that could reflect a move forward for our economy i.e decentralising the state resources, stepping in for businesses, scrutiny of the outblowing covid-19 relief package and mapping a genuine and honorary price for the awaiting products of farmers.

Therefore, I would never be convinced at our laddish technocrats who failed and continued to fail the Gambian people by virtue of their foresight in curbing aftermath menaces. A classical example is the pre-covid period, where the virus were alarming its tone in other countries, before it could had its existence in the country. Amazingly, the most struggle faced by our businesses is due to the lack of proper spectrum to foresee the implications of the pandemic. And untill today we’re seriously affected by same syndromes. I now have the glance to put on my academic hat through delving on substantial issues relating to students of the University of the Gambia. As many of my cohorts at the University are faced with monetary challenges to readily pay their tuition fees; most students are the sole syndicate of their sponsorship with toiling the farm whilst others partook part time job jobs for them to facilitate their academic quest. So the government is expected to map out a framework for these students who are massively in this traumatic obscure.

Momodou Sey,
Kuntaya Village.

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