The United States of America is not a “Christian” nation. There Is No Christian Case for President Trump!

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Alagi Yorro Jallow
Fatoumatta: I chortled when I hear, especially ‘Born -Again- Christian Evangelicals’ crow that America is a Christian nation and that the founders built it on Christianity. This is just spin. The United States of America was built on injustice, bloodletting, murder, racism, cheating, inequality, etc. Let people read the whites who crossed over from Europe around 1492 with Christopher Columbus, and attacked and killed native Americans, the Red Indians. There was nothing Christian about the slaughter as they took their lands and women. Is the United States of America a Christian nation when millions of blacks were forced out of Africa as slaves and killed and treated worse than animals? They carried Bibles in one hand and chains and guns in another. Along with their European cousins. Are we not seeing it till today as blacks are routinely killed, and nothing happens?
Crimes and crime families rule the United States of America. The mafia. Drugs. Prostitution. Corruption in city halls. Election rigging. All. Every year in the last 20 years, they have recorded election rigging during Presidential elections. How can the United States of America be a Christian nation when white Evangelical Christians still don’t welcome blacks in their churches and carry rifles into their churches? It is a bloody systemic racist nation.
Fatoumatta: November 3, 2020, was an election as a democratic correction. The people voted against indecency. They chose truth over lies, range over rage, solidarity over solitude, propriety over profanity. They pushed against a President that hailed white supremacists called a set of humans Shithole, which classified some nationals as rapists. The people rejected Christian hypocrites and a God its prophets had overthrown on abortion, race, gays, etc. It was a victory over vitriol.
Fatoumatta: One does not understand how we could call yourself Christian, a defender, believer of democracy, the constitution, equality, justice, honesty, and integrity- and then vote for Donald Trump with a straight face and consciousness.
Fatoumatta: How can the United States of America be a Christian nation where men marry men and women marry women, and the law supports them? Where the Out-going President is a cheat, racist, liar, women abuser, 419, etc.? The United States of America is very, very racist, and we can see what they did to former President Barack Obama. Voting for Donald Trump was voting against a Barack Obama legacy. Many of the whites voted for Trump again because the vice president-elect Kamala Harris is a black and Asian mixture.
The United of America is deprived. America is not a Christian nation. See what the American televangelists are doing around the globe? They introduced sleaze and corruption and started fleecing congregants, focusing just on money, buying jets, and living like Princes. Did we not all hear about Benny Hinn, an Israeli televangelist repenting his deceits and frivolous lifestyle? Don’t we all know how many altars in Africa have hosted the man? Now everyone who can carry a Bible and are copying him in other countries. Are Christians? No, they are not Christians. They are celebrities and businessmen inside churches, and Jesus whipped their progenitors in the synagogue.
Fatoumatta: God is not so helpless as to need any man to help Him. Hear Him: I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH… He does not need any of them. Least of all, a depraved Donald Trump. God has very high standards, we know.
Furthermore, that is why Jesus came to set that standard. Let us stop the spin that God chose President Donald Trump because he is a Christian and uses him to propagate CHRISTIAN ideas against President Barack Obama. Some talk of his stand against abortion, same-sex, etc. American politicians treat those issues as moral and political issues and not religious issues. Donald Trump needs Christ in his life if he cares. Enough of the spin. There is no Christian nation on earth. We only have Christians in all nations. We must not forget the big chunk of his followers: the ‘Evangelical Born- Again- Christians’. However, they are the great hypocritical followers. Without them, Donald Trump is no president. These are people who pledge loyalty to the Bible. They say Jesus is love. They say peace is better than war. However, they supported a man who abandoned about 500 children on the Mexican border without their parents. They support children unborn but give sacraments to the born ones to hunger and die. They watch blacks suffer and look the other way.
What concerns people most more is that they support a bigot like Donald Trump at home and come over to Africa to preach the love of Christ. They are hypocrites of the first order. They are not the prophets of God. They are the pharisaic bunch. They are turning their tradition into tenets of faith. They are appropriating the Holy Spirit. They were not always appendages of the Republican Party. However, it started when a few evangelicals launched the Moral Majority, and this was exploited by men like President Nixon, who developed what became known as the “southern strategy.” They summed up the idea in three words: God, Guns, and Gays. They knew they would blend the faith and culture of southern whites. They fought over school prayers, abortion, and gays. Rather than work to make conditions to prevent abortion or preach to gays, they build the Trumpian wall. This negates the words of Christ that say, “I come not for the righteous but sinners to repentance.”
Fatoumatta: Hence Jesus came to a humble God. He did not look down on the poor. Unlike John the Baptist, he embraced grace. While the former was always fasting in an ascetic remove, Jesus was often dining with sinners. The US ‘Born-Again – Evangelical Christians’ are a shrinking race. They are alienating others. Their lights are not shining. Hence they are no longer appendages to the Party but part of the mainstay. Christian values are not upstream in their agenda. They are now clutching at straws to justify a man who lies, cloaks murders under the law, glorifies race haters, etc. President Trump’s religious adviser Paula White invoked angels in Africa to fight for Donald Trump. Some have wondered where she found the concept of angels from continents. Nowhere in the Bible are angels assigned to countries or continents. Each year the evangelicals come here and are given pride of place by our pastors. Nevertheless, do they ask them why they stand against abortion and not for the love of the living who are not white in their homeland?
Fatoumatta: They would want to justify their argument that President Donald Trump is modern-day Jehu in the Old testament who ousted Jezebel, whom they likened inelegantly to Hilary Clinton, the feminist. Now that Donald Trump is defeated and humiliated, we want to know how they could stretch that comparison. What evil man will they compare President-elect Joe Biden with? When Obama won, they said he was the anti-Christ. The Bible did not say the anti-Christ would follow redemptive liar like Donald Trump. They are using the word of God with craftiness, privileging culture over scriptures. That is the nature of false prophets. They have negated what French philosopher Blaise Pascal warned against in religion: “There are two equally dangerous extremes: to shut reason out, and to let nothing else in.”
Fatoumatta: Out-going President Donald Trump wanted to be king. Americans just reminded him they do not want monarchs in a democracy. Their first president George Washington warned against such temptations over 200 years ago. November 3, 2020, election, the American people echoed their first leader. Indeed there is no Christian nation. God has not created, nor will he create a Christian nation. God creates Christian individuals who gather as Churches. Isreal is not a Christian nation. They do not even believe Jesus is the Christ because he came born into a humble background; they are expecting one who will come dressed as a King! They missed the day of his visitation. America is not a Christian nation.

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