“There are two kinds of men”

Mamos Media

By Alagi Yorro Jallow

Fatoumatta: There are two kinds of men: the righteous who think they are sinners and the sinners who believe they are honest. All men like pretty women with “Loopi juices.” History is littered with cases of great men who fell from grace thanks to sexual escapades gone awry. King David attracted God’s fury for sleeping with Uriah’s wife.
A few years ago, Dominique Strauss Khanna’s powerful Frenchman, was forced to resign as IMF boss and abandon his presidential aspirations after allegations emerged. He engaged with a minor in sexual conduct and a hotel maid or housekeeper in a Manhattan hotel in New York.
It is unimaginable the damage that an inconsequential moment of gratification can do. That is why whenever such urges consume me, I think about my future and take a cold shower. It helps to quell the raging flames of desire.
Fatoumatta: The link between illicit sex and power goes back to the third US President Thomas Jefferson, Nelson Mandela. Muammar Gaddafi. Fidel Castro. John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. Even King David and Solomon of the Bible. There are one common thread- feet of clay. They kept mistresses! Great leaders and revolutionaries who turn the levers of history are almost always promiscuous men with an even greater affinity for sex.
Fatoumatta: Senegalese opposition figure Ousmane Sonko has been accused in the capital Dakar on Monday after a 20-year-old beautician accused the politician of rape. However, controversy had dogged the politician since early this month when Senegalese media reported that an employee of a beauty salon had filed rape charges against him.
Sonko denied the charges in a series of Twitter posts late Sunday, saying he had visited the salon for massages to relieve back pain.
The 46-year-old head of the opposition Pastef party added that the rape accusation was an “attempt at political liquidation,” noting that two people had always been present during the massages.
Fatoumatta: On Twitter, Sonko said he did not attend police summons because he had parliamentary immunity but added that he would speak to investigators were his immunity lifted.

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