There is a raging debate on Pope Francis’s recent statement about LGBTQ people

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Alagi Yorro Jallow

Some postulate that the Pope endorsed homosexuality in his recent announcement, and therefore the practice should be accepted as the “new normal.” I honestly do not believe that Pope Francis meant to endorse same-sex marriage, but if he did, then he is grossly wrong, and his advice should be ignored. I believe his statement was in the context of “gay human rights,” but not the practice of homosexuality. There is a difference between human rights and homosexuality as a concept.
Pope Francis’s historical intervention in the LGBTQ rights issue in which he unambiguously supported legal protections for same-sex unions has caused quite a storm. A few things: Pope Francis is a progressive pontiff, but he leads a profoundly conservative institution whose teachings and doctrinal policy on same-sex marriage are unambiguous: that intercourse between people of the same sex is an anthropological regression and that those who practice it are disordered. Therefore, to conflate the position of the Pope on the matter with the position of the church is not right.
The conservative wing of the church led by the immediate former Pope Benedict The 16th, who is said to be concerned about the church’s current progressive trajectory, has made its position blindingly clear that gays deserve respect; approving same-sex unions is a red line for them. In fact, that wing has already demanded a clarification from Pope Francis on what he meant by calling for a civil union law for same-sex couples.
A leader of the stature of the Pope cannot endorse what is clearly against the order of nature and God’s plan for family and procreation. If he did, he should be condemned, and his statement taken with a pinch of salt. Homosexuality is outright illegal in many countries and, even from a common-sense point of view, wrong. While we cannot deny the existence of homosexuals, we must never promote the behavior as a way of life. There can be no sustainable development without population growth. There can be no population growth without giving birth to children who grow up, marry, and get their children. It is that simple. Any other doctrine is heresy and perversion of men. PERIOD!

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