“Torture Is A Thing Of The Past”-Says Prison Spokesman

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

The Public Relation Officer (PRO) of The Gambia Prison Services (GPS), Modou Lamin Ceesay, has said the torture of prisoners in state custody is a thing of the past.

During an interview with The MAMOS Media on Tuesday, PRO Ceesay said with the advent of the Human Rights Commission on torture, there is no room for torture. He said even in the past, those who were involved in the practice knew they were doing it to their own detriments.

“Torture is a thing of the past, with the advent of Human Rights Commission and Prison Act, there is no room for torture,” PRO Ceesay told The MAMOS Media.

The Prison Spokesman said the institution is facing numerous challenges, adding that the revelations at TRRC institutional hearings were chilling evidences. He said in the past, the prison was marginalised and turned into torture chambers. He also said the prisons were turned into unlawful detention centers.

“This is definitely against the ethics of prison rules. Prison is meant to be reformation and correctional centres so that the inmates would go through a process where they would show remorse and regret over their deeds and change for better,” he said.

Superintendent Ceesay said the aims and objectives of the prison is to ensure that inmates would become meaningful beings to society after completing their jail term.

“We have high hopes in this present government that the prison will regain most of its lost glories,” he remarked.

The Prison Spokesman said they are on a process of transformation so that the prison could get back to its feet as a correctional centre for reformation, rehabilitation, and reintegration that are core values of the institution.

“We have series of meetings with the Justice Minister who was informed about congestion of prison. We want the judiciary together with the Ministry of Justice to understand this so that the police would come to give us a helping hand for the best interest of the national security. We have problems in keeping inmates,” he concluded.

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